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Why You Should Hire A Licensed Tradie

Why You Should Hire A Licensed Tradie

I observed a thread in a Facebook group recently, in which a homeowner was complaining about the high price a licensed tradie was quoting and how this person could have their friend do the job for a lot less. Obviously, I chimed in with my 2 cents worth and explained why you should hire a licensed tradie only. But then I realised, other than explaining why you should check your builder’s license, I’ve never spoken to you about licensed tradies. So here is my explanation for you.

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Why You Should Hire A Licensed Tradie

Ok, I get it, renovating a home, or hiring a tradie to do a few odd jobs around the home, can appear to be expensive. The temptation to have a “friend” or a “friend of a friend” do it for you at a seemingly far cheaper price can be very attractive. But will it actually work out to be cheaper?

You wouldn’t consider using a Doctor, or solicitor who was unlicensed, why would you look to a tradie, who is doing potentially dangerous work in your home, any differently?

I feel this issue has come about due to a devalued industry, but many people who have chosen this shortcut will line up beside me and tell you it is the worst one they made. Not only did it create issues that should never have happened, but it also created a money pit to fix.

Just like when you hire a builder, you should ask your tradies to send through a copy of their license. In Queensland, all advertising of the business should include their QBCC license number, this may differ from state to state. The best practice is to ask for proof every time you hire someone new.

Licensed Tradies Have The Professional Knowledge

Tradies are educated in the form of an apprenticeship. These 4 years allow our tradies to learn everything they need to know to carry out your job safely and to a standard set by the Building and Construction Code. That “friend” who worked with his plumber mate for 6 months, doesn’t have the kind of knowledge required to complete your job. More importantly, it is illegal in many cases for non-licensed tradies to carry out work. Which can impact your home insurance and your building approvals to name a few.

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Licensed Tradies Have Insurance

Only tradies licensed to the job can procure the required insurance. Time and time again, we have been called to jobs only to find that an unlicensed person has carried out works, which have then failed, and home insurance won’t cover the issue. This means you as the homeowner, were not only out of pocket to have the job done, but again to repair. This time paying the professional you should have hired in the first place! That’s a double whammy you won’t forget.

Worst case scenario, if your home was to burn down, or flood due to unlicensed works, your insurance won’t cover that at all!

Licensed Tradies Have A Focus On Safety

As a part of their apprenticeship and as a licensed tradie, your tradie understands how important safety is, not only for them but for you the homeowner. Simple mistakes can cost lives, and our tradies are taught how to avoid these mistakes, preventing your family from being at risk. This should be the most compelling reason to use a licensed tradie, as that “friend” who can help you out, will not have the understanding of how to keep your family safe.

Licensed Tradies Can Create Cost Savings Without Cutting Corners

With experience comes a knowledge base that is unreplaceable. Time and time again, we see tradies able to offer different solutions that save you money, simply because of their experience level. Furthermore, if your unlicensed tradie makes a mistake, they are not covered by insurance, and neither will you be. There have been dozens of times I have personally experienced homeowners, having to spend more than double the original job cost, to fix the mistakes that were made. It’s just not worth that risk.

I think it was Reece who used the phrase, “Don’t risk it, use a licensed professional” and they are so right. I hope by reading this post, you too will understand how important it is to use a licensed professional.

Do you have a horror story to share? See a building project go wrong?

Nicole xxx




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