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Why You Need To KonMari Your Business

Why You Need To KonMari Your Business

There are two people in this world, those who have embraced the KonMari method of organising your life, and those that roll their eyes at the thought. Marie Kondo has set the world alight in the last few years, first with her book and now with her Netflix series. You might be surprised to learn that to “KonMari your business” might just be the best thing you do for you and your business, this year!

Why You Need To KonMari Your Business

Inevitably clutter creeps into all our lives, especially mine. How would you feel if I explained that the clutter on your desk, or in the ute, or on your computer, can totally alter the way you feel about your business. I know when I feel out of control, my desk, my computer and my car all follow the same messy path. Likewise the Builder, who first shows he isn’t coping on his desk, quickly followed by his ute!

It is so hard to get motivated and positive about our business, when you are feeling overwhelmed. All that mess, the paperwork the clutter, that is what is largely responsible for making you feel that way. So how do you fix it?

Well, to start with you need a good sort and tidy. I know that there really isn’t any of the paperwork likely to spark joy, so maybe forget that step, and instead commit to setting aside a block of time to sort your desk, then another to sort your emails. Then maybe a Saturday morning to sort the ute. Taking it a step at a time, can help you have real clarity around what exactly it is you need to do.

Remember, everything in is place. Make a folder, a file or a spot for everything you need to put away. Make sure that those places actually make sense to how you treat those items. No point filing invoices on a folder on your computer if you need the paper invoices to reconcile each month. Pop everything away where it needs to be.

But it doesn’t stop there, this is where you need to be relying on your systems to ensure this mess doesn’t take over in a major way again. We’ll all slide from time to time, but with firm systems in place, it is less likely. Everything you do each day, needs to have a system or a proceedure. From how you deal with your leads, to how you deal with communication, scheduling your time, everything you do in business needs a system.

There is a lot of information out there on getting your systems in order, head on over to Tradies In Business to learn more about how I can support you with systematizing your business.

I promise if you invest this small amount of time into getting your business in order, you will be rewarded with a fresh zest for what you do. There is no better feeling than sitting at my desk in the morning, with a clean slate ready to start the day.

Will you KonMari your business? Have you used it to clear up your home?


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