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Why Is My Job Taking So Long? Variations and Extensions of Time with Adam Cox

Why Is My Job Taking So Long? Variations and Extensions of Time with Adam Cox

Adam from Fernbrooke Homes is with us this week to discuss variations and the extension of time that will accompany them.

Why is my job taking so long?

During the course of building, renovating or extending your home, issues pop up, a room doesn’t look how you pictured it, or you might like to change where a door is placed, change the colour of your tiles, or the door furniture, whatever the change an extension of time will accompany the variation made. While it is very normal to have changes, a builder is not obliged to agree to the changes, and in fact can within the contract say no to any proposed changes. This is rarely the case, mostly a variation document is drawn up signed by both parties, and an extension of time advised.


All straightforward, only when a few variations are signed the impact of the extension of time can become quite apparent. On a recent job we have finished, the 14 variations made, added 6 weeks extra time. When waiting eagerly on your project to finish, this is a long period of time.

Builders are constantly shuffling your job and the next, and just like when your job was started on time (or close too) the next job must also start on time, which means your variation may have to sit a while before it is commenced.


All of these process are very common, but clients are rarely advised of their impact prior to beginning your job. Our advice is to always have a backup plan. If you are not living onsite, have a plan of where you will live if your job does take longer, if your onsite and living through a renovation, give yourself a bit of time away, fresh air and space will always help perspective.

Just like you, your builder wants and needs your job to be completed as quickly as possible. You are on the same team, expect clear communication around variations, and this way you shouldn’t feel disappointed. Remember, the pain is temporary, but the beautiful changes are forever.


Have you ever had to deal with an extension of time? How do you feel about it now your job is finished?

Nicole xxx



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  1. “Have you ever had to deal with an extension of time? How do you feel about it now your job is finished?”

    Hee hee. Well considering we’ve always been owner builders- first home was a toilet block of sorts we gutted, next two we’ve owner built and lived in- well it always takes longer than we think it will. Nowadays we estimate it will take x years and I add y years to the equation. That way I don’t get frustrated, emotionally I can stay cruisey, mostly.;)

    1. We are the same!!! It will be a long time before we are finished here, fortunately I am learning to live with it ?

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