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Why A Queenslander - The Builder's Wife

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Why A Queenslander

Why A Queenslander

When I look around the internet, I can find plenty of articles telling you all the potential pitfalls of a Queenslander, but I cannot find a single one telling you Why A Queenslander is a good idea. I thought it time to change that and share with you Why I believe a Queenslander is a great home to own and love.

Why A Queenslander?


Queenslander style homes are designed for our hot climate. With big windows, decks and plenty of breeze being sent through the hallways, these family homes are purpose built for those long hot Summer days. I find in our Queenslander we have plenty of rooms in which the Winter sun is able to come streaming through the windows to warm up the room as well, so while not strictly built for cold Winter days, these houses can be accommodating in either climate extremes. The high ceilings are one of my very favourite draw cards, and when you really embrace the idea of living in rooms as opposed to open plan, you will find a whole new level of comfort and livability.


Period Features

Queenslanders have such unique design features within their style of homes, lace work, door handles, light fittings, breezeways and fanlights, ceiling roses, pressed metal, so many different features to highlight and enhance in your home. Many have decorative metal window hoods, roof embellishments and archways the list of gorgeous Queenslander period features is endless. Embrace these, they tell a story about your home.



In a country so young, it is abslutely criminal to be tearing down so many of our beautiful old homes filled with history. Drop by your local library and enquire about the history of your home. Use online resources such as Trove to find if your home has a hidden story. We had no idea of the amazing story behind ours when we first bought it, now it is something we are very proud to be able to share.


Although a bit of a made up word, Queenslanders are the most decoratable homes. They can take any style for example, contemporary, Hamptons, English or French Provincial, Queenslanders can transform into the home of your dreams.



There is so much romance to a Queenslander, in fact of the many homes I have lived in, none have the same feel of a Queenslander. I’ve not had a visitor yet who didn’t comment on how warm my home feels, and this was applicable even before we started our renovation. Queenslanders have many quaint features to make your house feel like a home.

I don’t think we will ever live in another style of home, Queenslanders are so easy to live in. I believe that you too will be taken by their charm. As for those rumours that they are difficult to maintain, I strongly suggest that you build a team of fantastic tradespeople to surround you and help you along your road.

Are you a fan of the Queenslander style homes? Have you lived in a Queenslander? Would you like to own one?

Nicole xxx

Photo credit Hannah Puechmarin Styling credit, Rachael Honner




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  1. Love living in a Queenslander and I love your home too 🙂

    1. I am a regular swooner of your home Kylie xx

  2. Beautiful beautiful beautiful! I wish our area had more period homes but most of the houses around here (including ours) are bog-standard 70s and 80s housing stock. The era that design went to DIE. Loving your place so much – so many beautiful features.

    1. Ha Ha Ha, I think you are right, design did die a little in the 70s and 80s, that said, so much can be done with that style of house just the same. Thank you for your kind words xx

  3. I don’t live in QLD but love the Queenslander style of home, you are right, they are romantic and beautiful!

    1. Very romantic. xx

  4. If I lived in Queensland, I’d love to live in a Queenslander, they’re just so romantic. I love all the original features, those wrap around balconies and I totally love what you have done with yours.

    1. Thank you Sammie, you are so very kind xx

  5. We live in a small Queenslander and love it. However I would love to put a skylight in the living room as it can be dark. Do you think this is a bad idea for summer (we have only lived in the house for 3 months).

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