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Who is The Builder’s Wife?

Who is The Builder’s Wife?

I thought it about time I reveal a little more about who I am. It is easy to forget there is a person behind the blog when you read so many, and I thought I would share 11 things about me, you might not know, a bit of an opportunity to get to know Nicole.



  1. Before joining Adam in our business Fernbrooke Homes, I worked in Pharmacy for 13 years. I was a stay at home Mum to my first daughter, when I had the unlikely luck to land my first job in a small country pharmacy. My first boss was a difficult man to work for, however I will be forever grateful for the strength of his work ethic and what it taught me. He gave me such a great start to my career, beginning as a pharmacy assistant and eventually training my way to become a dispensary assistant. Time passed and my old boss sold up his pharmacy and along came boss number 2, fresh out of uni, and keen to make a difference. What a breath of fresh air he was, also mentored by his Father, who had been in pharmacy all his life, these 2 made a dynamic duo. Through my time with them, they invested heavily in my training, and I went on to manage a pharmacy in my own small town. With the break down of my first marriage, a shift in focus came and my time with boss number 2 ended, I went on to work for a group of pharmacies, where I was responsible for the set up of new stores, buying for the group of 11 shops and even designing and setting up catalogue campaigns. I loved this role, a real challenge. Soon it was time to give up this position in order to work with Adam, and we haven’t looked back since.
  2. I had my first daughter at 20. It was a long hard road, but I am very, very proud of who it has made me, and who my daughter has grown to become. She is a fine young lady, who is in the process of joining the air force. It’s difficult to imagine my mild mannered, quiet daughter in the armed forces, but I couldn’t be prouder.
  3. I no longer have a relationship with my Mother. My mother and I had a strained relationship after the breakdown of her marriage to my father. It was always very difficult, and I am afraid that when my own marriage broke down, she wasn’t at all happy with my choices. I grieved over the loss of my mother for many years, until recently when I was reminded of just how troubled she actually is. I am now comfortable with my loss, I’m in a great space, and very happy.
  4. Step parenting is the most difficult thing I have ever had to do. I thought being a parent was hard, and it is, for me, being a step parent is so much harder. The most simple way I can explain, is that at night, just before you fall asleep, you just inherently know that your children love you, when you’re a step parent, and you’ve had a tough day, in that moment it’s hard to imagine that they might. I would like to point out, that step children also have the same concerns, I am not alone in this. In fact, being a step anything is difficult.
  5. I have a port wine birth mark on my right leg. It runs from under my foot to mid way up my calf. It was a source of great embarrassment when I was a teenager, but to be honest I now forget it’s there. As an uncomfortable teen, I would tell people it was from a spider bite, now I encourage kids to ask about it, and offer for them to touch it so that they understand that it is quite a normal thing. My Nan used to tell me, it made me special, and when I went to heaven, I would be the first to sit on God’s knee. This gave me so much comfort in my difference.
  6. For 5 years of my life, I showed and bred Staffordshire Bull Terriers. I had to give it away after having my son, it was just too much work. Contrary to popular belief at the time, I never made a cent from selling my puppies, even though at the time I was paid top dollar for them. I was hugely passionate about reinvesting that money into the breed, and would spend any left over money showing my dogs. An expensive hobby, but I met so many amazingly passionate people.
  7. I was a very troubled teen. In fact there were times in my teenage years, I was very lucky to survive. I carried a lot of demons with me, and felt misunderstood, until a fortunate break down of a turbulent relationship, and my Father’s unswaying faith in me pulled me through.
  8. I am on top of an AFL tipping comp for the third time in 5 years. I was brought up a passionate AFL supporter in an equally passionate Rugby League town of Redcliffe. In fact we lived a few doors away from the great Arthur Beetson, and I went to school with Petro Civoniceva, but this did nothing to incite my appreciation for League. It’s only been since my son started playing that I’ve grown to love the sport. AFL was so unpopular when I was a child, most kids at school had no idea what it even was. I recall being really frustrated when the Brisbane Lions started winning people were still oblivious. Things have changed now though, and I am proud to be top of the comp.
  9. I’ve never won a trophy. Growing up with a brother who excelled at every single sport he tried this was difficult for me. (still is) After my complaining got too much, my parents had me put on a concert at home, I was so excited, I thought I was about to receive a trophy I could call my own. I didn’t sleep the nigh before the concert and was so excited I was trembling all the way through. At the end of the concert for three, my Mum proudly presented me with…………….. and ice-cream shaped bottle of bubble bath. That’s as close as I ever got. It’s still on my to do list, though I have no idea these days how the opportunity will present itself.
  10. I am passionate about women in the construction industry. I believe we have such a valuable roll to play. I am so pleased to be involved with this industry in a time of such great change. Women are playing the biggest roll in the industry now, much more accepted than before. What a positive change for us all.
  11. My husband and my Father are my greatest supporters. Every day they both tell me how much they love and support me. My Dad has taken on his step children with so much love in his heart. So much so, he doesn’t talk about his step grandchildren, only his grandkids. That’s what they are, his family, no step needed. My husband is the greatest roll model for our children, he has a heart filled with love that he readily shares, and lives his life with passion and commitment. I am blessed to have them both so involved in my life.

There you have it, 11 things most people would not know about me. Do you have one thing about yourself you’d like to share? Something most people would not know? Was there anything on my list you did know?

This week I am linking up with Essentially Jess for IBOT.

Nicole xxx

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  1. Lovely to get to know a little more about you Nicole! I can only imagine step parenting is a very tough gig. My mum is a step mum, and I know she found it very challenging, even though her step kids live on the other side of the world.

    1. Wow, that would be very challenging! Thank you for stopping by xx

  2. The step parent comments really resonates- it’s a hard job and there’s no rule book!

    1. You are so right Amy xx

  3. I think number 11 is worth all the gold in the world. What a lovely position to be in, and it makes that step parenting a little easier, knowing you have someone in your corner.

    1. I am absolutely blessed, and you are so right, life is easier with someone in your corner. Thanks for dropping by xx

  4. So lovely to learn a little more about you Nicole! I love how you speak of your husband and father, having strong male supporters is so important. I hope your son looks up to them too – they sound like great role models. I loved reading of your daughters career plans, I love women who break the stereotype of male dominated industries – very impressed!! x

    1. Thank you Ashlea, the men in my life are wonderful and I am truly blessed. I am so proud of my daughter and her plans for the future, I’m a lucky Mum xxx

  5. It was lovely to learn more about you, Nicole!

    1. Thank you Eva xxx

  6. Lovely to get to know you Nicole. You’ve shared some pretty personal stuff, so thank you for trusting your readers.

    We have a little bit in common, my husband is a builder (tiler by trade) and I manage the accounts and bits and pieces. I was also a pharmacy assistant for a couple of years. I had quite a tumultuous teen years for many reasons including mostly my mum passing away and thinking my then boyfriend was the answer to all my problems. I have been married twice, and now have two step children. I totally agree, step-parenting is hard. So hard. Much of which, that those who aren’t step parents can’t understand.

    1. Thank you Jodi, I hadn’t thought of it that way, trusting my readers. xx

      I love how much we have in common! I am so sorry you lost your Mum, that must have been a very difficult time for you.

      I agree with you on your thoughts of non step parents, I certainly never even considered it until I was one.

      Thank you for dropping by xx

  7. What a lovely post! Thanks for sharing more about you. What’s your address? I’ll send you a trophy for fabulousness in blogging!
    Sending this to my mum. She’s a step-mother and I think you’ve absolutely nailed how she feels about it but hasn’t quite been able to articulate. x

    1. Visiting from #teamIBOT

      1. Oh you are so lovely Emily, thank you.

        It’s the deep trust you have in the relationship with your own children that is hard to replicate with anyone else.

        Thank you for visiting xx

  8. I loved getting to know you more. Thanks for sharing these 11 things and opening yourself up.

    We have even more in common! I too was in Pharmacy for a number of years, finishing up as Dispensary Tech before I moved into tourism. It was so interesting reading about your thoughts being a step-parent. As you know, technically I am but so far removed from it I would never dream of thinking I have a right to the role. It is enough stress as it is so I couldn’t imagine being at the frontline. Your relationship with your step-kids sounds full of love and respect. x

    1. Holy moly Karin, soul sisters?!? Who would have know we had this much in common those few months ago when we originally connected. How wonderful.

      I adore my step children, I am blessed to have them in my life. I could not imagine life without them, I’m a lucky Mummy all round.

      Thank you for taking time to comment xx

  9. I think it is wonderful that you have opened yourself up to us and letting us learn more about you. This is very raw and honest and I know that I appreciate it.

    1. Thank you Malinda xx

  10. It’s great to meet you Nicole!
    I feel instantly closer …

    1. Thank you Leanne, xx

  11. Great post and some of these I knew from being with you last Wednesday. I find parenting hard so I can’t imagine how hard step parenting is. I think you’re amazing and we all have difficult challenges in life that help us be who we are today. Its lovely to see you open up like this on your blog. Xx

    1. Thank you Bec, I am fortunate to have so many great friends, like you who support me as well. xxx

  12. Gosh now that was a great nosy insight in to your past – wow you’ve got a wealth of knowledge, experience and heartbreak under your belt my friend. I can’t imagine going through half of the trials you have, but you’re made of tough stuff I’m sure, with a gooey centre. I bet you’re got some great pharmacy stories to tell. (I re-signed up to get your posts delivered, I was already signed up via my yahoo but none have been delivered so trying with my HALOM website now, so I never miss a post) xxx

    1. You are too kind Emily, thank you. I do have a few good stories to share, like the one with the brown stain on the pharmacy carpet, and the old man who had a rash you know where and insisted in showing us. Yep I’ve got a few.
      I’m happy to have you sign up a hundred times, thank you so much for doing so xxx

  13. So lovely to get to know more about you Nicole. Such interesting life experiences you have had. A virtual trophy for you having gone through so much and be such a happy positive person right now! I just found my one and only trophy in a box from 1984!

    1. Thank you Vicki. I’d love to see a photo of your trophy, what did you win it for?

  14. So lovely to know more about you Nicole. I’m sorry about what happened with your mum, but how lucky you are to have such a wonderful role model in your dad.
    Also well done on your AFL tipping. I would love to be in a tipping competition, but it’s hard when you don’t work.

    1. Thank you Jess, I am blessed to have my Dad, he’s one in a million.
      As for the tipping comp, I do this one through my Dad’s bowls club and my husband does one through our local Reece store. Maybe there is something like that close for you?
      Thank you for stopping by xx

  15. No way would i have picked you for a dog breeder! That is quite a fun thing to know about you. I’m sad that you are estranged from your mum, but I think some relationships are best left in the past, no matter who they are with. You sound like you’ve got it mostly together these days, despite a turbulent past and that makes me so happy for you. Being a step-mum… gah! I don’t envy you the confusion, but I do envy you the opportunity. x

  16. Such an interesting post Nicole. It was lovely to find out a little more about you. Will you be going to Pro Blogger this year? It will be so nice to meet you xx

    1. Thank you Robyn, I’m so chuffed you took the time to stop by. I will most definitely be at ProBlogger and am looking forward to meeting you too xx

  17. Oh LOL, you bred staffies – that’s so cool. I have two from the same breeder, who are half brother and sister. They are totally crazy but we adore them. And it’s nice to meet another person who has never won a trophy. I feel a bit weird admitting that sometimes!

    1. They are the most loveable adorable dogs, I’d have a house full if I could. I think we should start a club, the “Haven’t won a trophy even though I am awesome’ club, and the prize for becoming a member is a…..trophy! We could have regular meetings over wine ?

  18. I’ve been reading your blog on and off for ages now Nicole and had no idea you were in QLD. In fact I saw your Fernbrooke homes ad on the side there and was like wow I’ve heard of them before, but it never clicked that it was your business!

    I understand having a strained relationship with your mum, mine is very strained {it became a lot more obvious after dad died} but there’s still a tiny part of me that can’t cut it off completely even though I come very close to wanting to do that often.

    1. It’s funny how we just don’t make the connections at times. I do similar things all the time! Mums are a hard one to let go of, I think to some extent I was lucky she made the choice to let me go, otherwise like you, I’m not sure I could cut it off either. xx

  19. Well there you go, we have something in common, I work in the construction industry too! Although number 4 stole my heart – wow – what a great list, lovely to get to know you better xx

    1. Yay for women in construction! Thank you for dropping by xx

  20. It’s lovely to get to know you a bit better! Thanks for sharing and I look forward to our next catch up … hopefully over a champs! x

    1. Definitely over a champs xx

  21. I love this. I loved finding out a little more about you, and yay for AFL. It’s my ball game of choice and not just because there are a lot of hot guys in small shorts and singlets! Looking forward to swapping more stories in real life very soon!

    1. Sammie, they are so much better looking than the league guys and don’t even get me started on the union boys, yuck! Counting the days till our catch up xx

  22. This is beautiful Nicole. I love that you wrote on top of tipping ladder and then next – won no trophy.. seems funny. Sorry about your mother – some relationships become unrepairable. #IBOT

    1. Yes, I agree, I so totally think that we need to change the prize from money to a trophy, just for me ? Thank you for your kind words and for taking the time to stop by xx

  23. Nicole, it’s so lovely to learn more about you. Thank you for sharing some really personal parts of your life. The comment from your grandmother made me smile. It sounds like she was a very special lady. I hope you and I get to meet in real life some time soon. We’ll have to make a date x

    1. She was the best Renee, my only regret is that she never got to meet my children, though my dad is just like her. Full to the brim with love and compassion. A date sounds great! xx

  24. Nicole, it’s lovely to get to know you better! I already knew we shared “mother issues”. Now I know we’ve both never won a trophy, too. Do you remember the episode of the Brady Bunch where Jan chucked all Marcia’s trophies in the bin? I sooo identified with that!

    1. Yes, yes, yes, and though I wouldn’t tell him, I certainly did consider throwing the brothers out as well. xx

  25. Good to know a little more about you Nicole ?

    1. Thank you Danielle x

  26. I have won one trophy! I semi worked in construction the other year and it was interesting. Not sure I want to stay there ?

    1. Yay Vanessa! I’ll get there one day. It sure can be a tough industry x

  27. Thanks for sharing so much with us. I am with you on the tumultuous past and lack of trophies!!

    1. Thank you for stopping by Deb xx

  28. Loved reading more about you Nicole! How interesting that you bred staffies!
    AFL is the best code hands down! I’ve had to learn all about league and union since moving to Sydney and for my hubby’s sake I’m trying to hard to understand them both but AFL has my heart! xx

    1. Thank you Shannon. Glad I am not the only AFL girl around these parts xx

  29. Thanks for sharing, so great to learn more about you. Can’t wait to catch up in a few weeks. x

    1. Me too!! xxx

  30. Nice to get to know better Nicole. Now you are more than this charming lady and lovely blogger who lives in this beautiful house. It’s like you become real, that’s funny! xx cathy

    1. Thank you Cathy xxx

  31. What a fun and interesting post. Thanks for sharing and being so honest about your life xx

    1. Thank you Lisa xxx

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