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Where To Buy Tiles – Tips of The Trade

Where To Buy Tiles – Tips of The Trade

This is our second installment of our tips of the trade, Where To Buy guides. One of the most common questions we are asked as builders, is where we purchase our supplies. Most people feel we must have some big time trade secrets, however usually this is not true. This series aims to give you as much information around where and who we buy from, to ensure you have the same quality products available to you.

Where To Buy Tiles

Each of the businesses we mention here are who we buy from in Brisbane, however many of these are available Australia wide, or at least can ship to anywhere in Australia.

Beaumont Tiles


Only a new supplier to us, Beaumont tiles has increased the range we are able to offer our clientele. They have different products available than our other suppliers and when clients are looking for a tile that is the latest trend this is the first place we send them. Beaumont tiles also offer competitive pricing which is essential to keep your project running on budget.

National Tiles


Most people in Brisbane will be familiar with the annoying National Tiles adds on radio, but how effective are they! We have been long time users of National Tiles, and for the most part our clients are able to find what they are looking for in their range. A word of caution, this company especially is worth dealing with at least a month out from when you order your tiles, being a national company out of stocks are a common occurrence. If you allow yourself plenty of time, you will be mostly likely to get the tiles you are looking for. Great for a budget to mid way price point without compromising the quality.

Tile City


This is a great tip for anyone living in the Western Suburbs of Brisbane, Tile City are a fantastic store to work with. Great range, great prices, nothing is too much trouble for this business. A surprisingly large range for a one off shop, we’ve never had an issue with out of stocks or not enough range. Only downside is they only have the one shop which is often too far for our Brisbane clients to get to.

Marble and Ceramic Corporation


This is one red hot tip for anyone looking for marble tiles. When we were faced with constant out of stocks for the marble tiles we used in our ensuite, we took to the net to find an alternative. These guys will freight your chosen tiles anywhere in Australia and their prices are FANTASTIC! Even with freight we saved hundreds of dollars and the product is sensational. This company can even make tiles to your set requirements, no longer are you stuck having the same product as everyone else, here you can use your imagination and create what will work for you.



We are true believers in horses for courses and there are times in which a Bunnings tile will suffice. We have used Bunnings tiles in our home in two places and would be happy to use them in the right area again. Particularly good for the budget conscious DIYer, don’t be afraid to give the big guys a chance.

While this is where we shop for tiles, I would be happy to try just about anywhere for tiles, especially if there are the right quality and price. You might be surprised to learn some of the smaller tile shops often have the best range.

Have you had to pick tiles for your home? How annoying is Frank Walker??!!?? Which room would you like to re-tile in your home?


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