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Where Do You Start When Building A House?

Where Do You Start When Building A House?

This post is written in collaboration with Wolf Architects

You’ve made the big decision and you’re ready to build a custom home. But where do you start when building a house? Today I will share my top three tips that are essential to building the best house you can.

Where Do You Start When Building A House?

Find a Block of Land!

I cannot tell you how many times we have had clients come to us with good money, and are invested in plans prior to finding a block. Their hearts are then often broken as those dream plans do not correlate with the block they then choose. Every block is different, and everything from the position and building covenants need to be taken into consideration before you invest in having plans drawn. Find the right block before you begin to dream about your home to avoid disappointment in the long run.

Invest in a Great Architect

Choosing the right architect is paramount, so it is essential that you choose an architect that you have an instant rapport with. A great architect needs to be a great listener, as they are going to take your words and turn them into your dream home. A skilled architect will also know how to make your home appealing to your heart and your eye, without compromising design or function. Architects spend many years studying their craft to ensure you achieve the result you are looking for, and architects like those at Wolf Architects will have your best interests at heart while making sure the result is both beautiful and functional. Using an architect really is an investment in your dream; as they will be the one to translate your dream to a reality.

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Do Your Research Before Choosing A Builder

Not all builders are the same, and the builder that has been recommended to you may not be the right builder for you. Take your time – research, ask around and check social media. All these points will give you a good feel for a builder prior to even contacting them. The builder has to work well with not only you as the client, but they will also need to have excellent communication skills to be able to work with the architect and other tradespeople.
Narrow your list to 3 or 4 and then give them a call. Take time to meet with them all individually and consider how you feel about your initial contact. Are you comfortable? Were they on time? Did they listen well? The process of choosing a builder needs to be based on more than just price alone.

Have you considered building a brand new home? Have you built before, any stories to share? Are you considering building in the next 12 months?

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  1. Great tips Nicole! Will keep them in mind if we ever decide to build our ‘forever’ home! My partner’s parents built their home last year – it definitely was a lot of work and lots of decisions had to be made, however their house is very cool and suits them to a T!

  2. I so need to get to Kmart. Almost made it last weekend but as I was driving into the carpark I thought “It’s 11am on a Saturday morning, this is insanity” and drove straight back out the other side. Soon, Kmart, soon .

  3. And that comment doesn’t make sense at all cos I thought I was on another page – about Kmart obviously!! Anyhoo, all great tips here. I’d love to build a house for myself from scratch one day. JD has built a couple of his own but all before I met him unfortunately – we met later in life!

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