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What's In A Name - Pen Y Llechwedd - The Builder's Wife

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What’s In A Name – Pen Y Llechwedd

What’s In A Name – Pen Y Llechwedd

When the Johnson family visited our home last year, they brought with them tales of old that were shared with much glee and delight. At the time we were very surprised to learn that our Pen Y Llechwedd wasn’t quite as she seemed. It was revealed that our home was originally called something else, Kingslea. Since then we have learned that the home went on to be called Kingston in the 50’s. There was much mystery surrounding when the house was actually given the name Pen Y Llechwedd and more importantly why. We were very fortunate on our open day to meet with 3 different families who had lived in our home for a time, the Johnsons revisited this time bringing more of their family, the Gardeners who lived here after the Johnsons also came back to visit and finally the Cotman family not only came to visit, but brought with them their children and grandchildren but also many photos.

During lengthy conversations we had with this marvelous family, who loved the home as we do, we were delighted to be finally told of Pen Y Llechwedd’s mystery. It was the Cottman family who changed the name of our home during the mid 80’s as a very personal tribute to Mr Cottman’s Mother. The Builder and I have differing memories of the story we were told on the day, but The Builder seemed to remember the sign we proudly still display, came from Mr Cottman’s Mother’s home, and was brought back from her home here and the name then changed.

We had long debated changing the name back to the original Kingslea as it was, but on this day, with Pen Y’s previous charges speaking with such emotion and passion, we concerted our desire to leave the name as it is.

With that the mystery has finally been solved, and with it another chapter is added to the history of our amazing home.

Have you ever lived in a home with a name? What would you call your current home?

Nicole xxx




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  1. Our family home had a name it was “Normandy”
    The reason being, my Dad’s was Norman & my Mum Daisy.
    It is an oval shaped black glass with the name sandblasted on it, my Dad was in the glass trade all of his life,
    It was only fitting for him to make it.
    After both my parents had passed away my youngest sister who lives in Colorado took it back to give it pride
    and place on her front porch.

    Your family home’s name sounds very Welsh, my ancestors came from Wales, maybe the original family
    came from Wales too.

  2. I’ve lived in apartments most of my life, but my mum did name one of the houses “Mandolyn.” Until I was 16 everyone called me Mandy (don’t ask, it’s a long story!) and my mum’s name was Lynn, so it was a bit of both our names. It must have been such a treat to hear those stories about the house from people who had lived in it and love it before you, and especially satisfying to solve the mystery of how the house got it’s name!

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