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What’s Happening With The Builder’s Wife?

What’s Happening With The Builder’s Wife?

We haven’t had a good update here on The Builder’s Wife for some time, and yet there have been so many changes! If I were honest, we’ve been hiding a bit and I’ve not felt up to sharing as much personally as I have over the years. I did share a little of the challenges my husband has been facing and it allowed so many readers to get in touch and share their own stories. In fact, for 2 days I read, cried, answered and cried again, so many of our wonderful men are struggling.

As we are coming up to the 5th birthday of the blog, I’ve been looking over the changes this bit of online space has made over the time. This blog meant only ever for the documentation of our renovation, turned into its own business.

It has provided me the opportunity to help many home owners build or renovate without all the stress and worry. It has led to public speaking, newspaper articles and even a TV interview. Recently it has also led to the conception of a second business, Tradies in Business.

Tradies in Business came to be after a conversation with my business partner discussing the real cause of the high suicide rates in the construction industry. My own experience with the Builder has shown me that this is so often caused through financial and business strain and that is preventable.

There are so many groups and organisations talking about suicide prevention, starting conversations and assisting our industry, but I am yet to find who is talking about why it is happening. Hence Tradies in Business was born. We are in the business of preventing the ridiculous lows that so often happen in business, we are interested in getting business owners off the tools and into business ownership.

I don’t want business owners to suffer as my Builder has. What we are creating with TIB is a community and platform to educate you about owning a business. Already we have seen one of our members generate new jobs by using one tool, that same member is about to recover a debt and future proof his business from incurring any others. Can you see how that can prevent the unnecessary stress that comes with running a business?

So, what does this mean for The Builder’s Wife, we are changing here what you will be seeing. My small business posts will now be found over at Tradies in Business and we will get back to all things decorating and building or renovating your home.

Over the last 6 months I have been building and designing a course for those who are building or renovating, to help you fully prepare for the process. You can expect to see a full launch in the coming month, keep an eye out for your exclusive offer!

Our 5th birthday is fast approaching, and I think we need a party!! Surely we all deserve a bit of fun ?

Do you have any party ideas? Should we do online or in person?

Nicole xxx




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  1. What fabulous achievements you’ve made in 5 short years of blogging. A party in person to celebrate definitely gets my vote!

    1. Thank you lovely, a part it will be! xx

  2. Happy nearly birthday!! You are an amazing inspiration and friend xxxxx

    1. Thank you Lauren, such a gorgeous comment xxx

  3. Hi Nicole!
    I love your blog, and, as a wife working with my husband who is a builder, I look at all you guys do and think wow, how do they do all of this and why does it feel so hard for us (bordering on impossible and leaving us questioning whether it is actually possible to run a financially viable business in this industry)! I would love to have others in the same position to talk to because when you run your own business, you’re on your own so much. I have always thought it would be so good for the guys doing this tough gig to have a group they could go to, a network of others in the same position, because sometimes feeling like you’re not the only one going through something is 80% of the battle won. I will watch this space and see what’s coming next, and thank you for sharing what you do. Karen x

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts Karen, it really can be an isolating industry to be a part of. If you are on Facebook, come on over to our private Facebook Group (search Tradies in Business in the groups tab) There are over 700 tradies hanging out, sharing their journeys in a friendly space. If you are not on FB try listening to our podcast which will give you loads of free information that will help you find a more profitable way to run your business (search Tradies in Business in your podcasting app, spotify, itunes etc). I also encourage you to check out the Trade Desk on our website http://www.tradiesinbusiness.com.au for another way to help your business become more profitable and less stressful. Most of all, know you are not alone! While it certainly can feel that way when you are in the trenches of business life, there are so many more of us doing it tough and plugging away to make our businesses work. You can always email me too [email protected] xxx

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