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What’s Happening With Pen Y Llechwedd?

What’s Happening With Pen Y Llechwedd?

“What’s happening with Pen Y Llechwedd”? is the number one question I am asked at the moment, and while we have been pretty quiet about it all here on the blog, we’ve had some exciting things going on behind the scenes. So today I am setting the record straight and sharing some exciting news!

pen y llwechedd queenslander renovation for sale

What’s Happening With Pen Y Llechwedd?

In short we sold! Way back in November, we agreed to selling the house, however the sale was conditional on the sale of the buyers own home. We had a sunset clause added to the contract, to ensure we were not blocking any potential new owners of Pen Y, but for all intents and purposes we sold.

We had found a new home to purchase and begun negotiations, and I don’t mind sharing it was so vastly different to our grand old lady, but we were excited about our new beginning.

pen y llwechedd queenslander renovation for sale

Photo Hannah Puechmarin Styling Rachael Honner

Only by mid December, the contract had fallen through. The potential buyers failed to secure a sale on their own home. This stalled our negotiations on the new house and we made the choice to quietly let the house sit over the Christmas break and take the opportunity to enjoy being here for one last Christmas.

By the end of December we had decided to take the house of the market. With a change in family structure, Pen Y Llechwedd would continue to serve us well. We love being able to walk to the top of town and enjoy a great meal out, or a few drinks with friends, and the kids really benefit from being so close to school.

We sat with this decision to take the house of the market for 2 weeks while our agent was on his Christmas break, all the while planning our life to continue here.

pen y llwechedd queenslander renovation for sale

Photo Hannah Puechmarin  Styling Rachael Honner

It’s a good thing we did, because a change in the Builder’s health, has brought about a change in our focus. We need to simplify our lives and selling the house is a great way to begin that process.

The good news is, we are back on the market. As of today we are actively marketing the house again, searching for her rightful new owners.

More excitingly, we are opening the doors of Pen Y Llechwedd for the full experience of this beautiful home, this Saturday 20th January from 12.30-1.15pm. This is your opportunity to see inside one of the most historic homes in Ipswich and to see why it is so many have fallen in love with her. Why not make a day of it, and check out some of the other historical sites in Ipswich. Bring your kids and enjoy the facilities at Queens Park or take them to the splash park at River Heart Parklands, just down the road.

For more information on the house and it’s features you can see it’s listing here.

Have you wanted to see what all the fuss is about? Which room do you wish to see the most?

Nicole xxx


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  1. All the best Nicole, hope it all works out for you xx

  2. Lots of love and I hope you’re all doing well. Here’s to the right owners coming across this beauty sooner rather than later. Em xx

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