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What To Expect On Your Building Site Over Christmas

What To Expect On Your Building Site Over Christmas

Many builders are beginning to shut down their sites this week. I find it is often a time of trepidation for home owners, who are unsure what to expect over the Christmas break. Will there be anyone there? Will it be safe? What if something goes wrong? Let’s have a look at what you can expect from your builder and on your building site over Christmas.

What To Expect On Your Building Site Over Christmas

Most trade businesses take a break over Christmas as the bulk of our suppliers have shut down for a much needed rest. Generally the industry goes on break from up to a week before Christmas until at least the second week in January. (as a guide only)

This can feel quite stressful if you are building or renovating, but rest assured, this will have been taken into consideration when your builder was outlining your work schedule. What does this mean for you though? And what can you expect from your builder?


Your builder should contact you no later than the start of December to notify you of when their business will shut down. There is no legal requirement for formal notice, so this might come in the form of a discussion, a phone call or a quick email advising you of the dates. You can expect at the bare minimum, the business will shut down from at least Christmas Eve and reopen on the first Monday of the new year, but this will vary greatly from business to business.

If your home is being renovated, and you are living in, you should be provided with a phone number or email address of someone to call in case of emergency. Otherwise, you’ll be invited to email your contact if needed.

Lock Up

Your builder is required to do all that is practicably possible to ensure that your site is safe and secure for the duration of the break. That will include things like, ensure their is a lockable fence, or that the house is locked up, and all items inside out of plain view. Materials need to be stored in a safe way, so as not to cause a safety issue for passers by.

The site is required to be safe and not accessible by the public, so this may mean added security measures to ensure no children are able to access your site. Bunting, fences, locks, may all make an appearance on your building site.

There is little to fear over the Christmas break, it is also time for you to relax and enjoy some time away from building or renovating your home. A great time to dream of this time next year when you are enjoy the festive season from your newly completed build or renovation.

Remember that all materials are covered by the builders insurance policy, so if something were to go wrong, it is their responsibility to rectify any issues. So relax, enjoy the time out and get ready to come back to your project, refreshed and renewed.

Have you got a project that will be ongoing over the Christmas period? Itching to get into your new home?

Nicole xxx


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