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What is The Difference Between an Interior Designer and an Interior Decorator-Nuts and Bolts with Angela

What is The Difference Between an Interior Designer and an Interior Decorator-Nuts and Bolts with Angela

For those of us that are not sure, what is the difference between an Interior Designer and an Interior Decorator, I’ve asked Angela to specifically answer this question. I have long been confused by the difference and believe many others of us have been too. I hope this brings you as much clarity as it did me.

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What is the difference between an Interior Designer & an Interior Decorator?
This is a question I’m asked often!
Unfortunately the Interior Design Industry is not regulated, therefore anyone with little or no knowledge or experience in Interior Design can claim the title of Interior Designer. As a qualified & experienced Interior Designer I find it very frustrating. Especially when I inherit a project that had a so called “Interior Designer” working on it, only for the clients to find out that they had not employed the person they thought they had to manage their renovation project, with many costly mistakes being made by that so called Interior Designer.
Interior Design involves the conceptual planning, implementation & design of a functional interior space, often leading to the exterior, including exterior colour schemes, specifying window, door & exterior cladding. It’s important that your Interior Designer has the technical knowledge to apply to his or her designs, with this knowledge backing up any decisions they make. Interior designers may create the layout of a space, but they may not alter load-bearing walls without having their designs stamped for approval by an architect or a licensed Builder.
Many of the projects I work on I’m employed as the Project Manager & Interior Designer, it’s a huge responsibility & I certainly wouldn’t be attempting this without qualifications & experience behind me.
I have huge respect for Interior Decorators & the job they do. They have usually completed a decorating course or perhaps have a natural flare in this area & have no qualifications. They can give advice on soft furnishings, window treatments, fabrics, wallpaper, furniture & paint. It would be unfair to ask or expect an Interior Decorator to design a kitchen, bathroom, laundry or floor space.
If in doubt about the scope of work your Interior Designer or Decorator can do, ask to see recent completed projects & if possible speak to past clients. Beware of baffling job titles in the design industry, I came across one recently – “Interior Architect”, not sure that’s a recognized qualification!
Remember you need to enjoy the experience & journey with your Interior Designer or Decorator, I have become firm friends with a number of past clients & I’m always honoured to be asked back onto a new design project by repeat clients.
Angela X

If you’d like to know more about Angela, or what she does, check out her Website for more details. Angela also has a beautiful Instagram account where she shares her projects and home.

If you have a question for Angela, please leave the questions in the comments or on our Facebook page.

Nicole xxx

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