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What is an Air Compressor-Toolbox Tuesday

What is an Air Compressor-Toolbox Tuesday

What is an air compressor? An air compressor is a instrument that turns power into energy in the form of compressed air. This energy is then used to drive tools on the building site.

Air compressors, force air into a storage tank, once this tank is full of compressed air, the motor on the air compressor will stop running until the compressed air in the tank is released to a certain point, which will then trigger the motor to start again, converting power into energy in the form of compressed air.


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Air compressors can drive any pneumatic style tools, from Nail Guns to air ratchets, even air operated drills and jackhammers.

There are many benefits to using pneumatic tools, they are often less expensive to purchase and cheaper to run. Tools driven by air compressors have less moving parts making them lighter and more reliable.


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Air compressors can also be used around the home to pump up tyres, with many smaller types available to do just that. A very versatile tool that can be used by everyone.

Have you used an air compressor? How do you pump up bike tyres?

Nicole xxx


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  1. Hubby has an air compressor, which he uses for all different things including blowing up the kids’ bike tyres and their bouncer ? It’s pretty handy to have around the house.

    1. They are so handy, my favourite tool to have around the house, especially over the school holidays xx

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