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What is a Nail Bag-Toolbox Tuesday

What is a Nail Bag-Toolbox Tuesday

I feel we’ve overlooked the hardest working tool on the job, the ever so humble nail bag. What is a nail bag? Similar to a ladies handbag, it is the keeper of all things.


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Originally designed as a pouch, with a hook to hang a hammer and a pocket to hold nails, like all good bags, it quickly evolved into a hold all.

As well as nails, and a hammer, in Adam’s nail bag you will find, builders pencils, Stanley knives, his mobile phone, chewing gum, screws, an apple core, glad wrap from his lunch, a few tissues, and generally a band aid or two.

My Father is a plasterer, and along with all those items Adam carries, you will usually also find endless bits of plaster?

Nail bags have been around for thousands of years, usually made from leather, though more recently made from nylon for less expensive but hardy products.


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Adam has had his nail bag since the beginning of his apprenticeship, it’s like a family heirloom, the fist thing he puts on as he arrives at work, and the last thing he takes off at the end of the day.

Here is a little tip for you ladies married to tradies, next time hubby is complaining that he can’t find something in your handbag, remind him what his nail bag looks like, often they are the same!

Have you ever worn a nail bag? Do you have a nail bag at home?

Nicole xxx

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  1. The history Adam’s nail bag could give! I’ve known builders who have had similar nail bags that they’ve kept from their apprenticeship days. Dad and I had a beehive tool bag that held all our essential tools. I always had lots of pockets to stuff tools and washers in. I’d have to empty my pockets at night with an array of old and new washers. ?

    1. Those beehive nail bags are fantastic! When we take the kids to work, 2 of our boys come home with pockets full of stuff, drives me crazy!

  2. I’ve never worn a nail bag and I don’t think my husband has either, well not since he did an apprenticeship thingy with a builder…actually, the builder currently doing renos on our house (they finish today…yay!). We have plenty of nailbags sitting around our house at the moment though, not sure if the builders would be happy if I had a peek in them though. ?

    1. I really think you should sneak in and have a go Eva, before they finish ? xx

  3. Wes,….Let’s hug it out. For the record everybody, There truly are no hard feelings that Wes left us. We’re not even gonna make him “ink out” his Clammy Chamois tattoo. He is welcome at the grill anytime. Now will you stop calling me a wussy Wes?

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