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What is a Chalk Line-Toolbox Tuesday

What is a Chalk Line-Toolbox Tuesday

Chalk lines are a tool used to draw or map out a straight line in between two points to be worked from. Typically, a chalk line is a string line that is stored in a small device that is able to be wound down, to let the string out to the desired length, our wound up, to draw the string back into it’s casing. Inside the casing is chalk, which then coats the string, so that it can mark the ground.


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Usually used on flat surfaces such as a concrete slab, the chalk line will mark the concrete so that the framing can be built in a straight line. Easy to use, one end of the chalk line is placed at one point and the other end at the second point, the line is held close to the ground, and when in place it is plucked, so that the line will then follow through and hit the ground, marking it with chalk.

Chalk lines have been used for centuries, dating as far back as the Ancient Egyptians when building the pyramids. An inexpensive tool, that is easy to maintain and use.

Did you know what a chalk line was? Have you used a chalk line?

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