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What I learnt On My Weekend At ProBlogger

What I learnt On My Weekend At ProBlogger

If you were following me on Facebook or Instagram last week, you will have noticed a few photos completely unrelated to what we normally have. I attended my first ever blogging conference ProBlogger. While sharing what I learn at ProBlogger is not a usual style of post for The Builder’s Wife, these lessons can be applied to anyone, in any stage of life.

This was my first real conference since my pharmacy days, where you always knew the regular crowd of people going. Since suffering a blow to my confidence levels, I was actually very anxious about attending this event. I had grow into the type of person who was shy, had a fear of crowds, and can be generally quite uncomfortable with myself. This year for me is all about pushing my boundaries, and so with the love and support of Adam, off I went.


Forever The Builder’s Wife!

Here are the 10 lessons I learnt.

1. Bloggers Do Not Look Like Their Profile Pictures

I thought I would have this in the bag, I am generally pretty good at remembering names and faces, that was until I realised that, that little picture in the corner of the blog, Instagram or Facebook, just doesn’t really show who someone is. In real life nearly everyone looks a little different. On more than one occasion, it took me a little bit to remember who I was speaking too.

2. I Don’t Know Many of The Bloggers Real Names

I was really surprised at how many ‘real’ names I didn’t know, preferring to call most by their blog names. I also found that if I introduced myself as Nicole, most didn’t have a clue until I said, Hi, I’m Nicole from the Builder’s Wife, and then it clicked. I have become my blog!

3. I am Shyer Than I Thought

There were times, when bloggers I have long admired would be close by and a moment would present itself for me to say hi, and in most cases I just couldn’t. I have elevated these bloggers so highly in my mind that I really struggled not to be star struck and just say hi! I found myself retreating to the safety of my phone and publicly hiding, before taking a deep breath and moving on.

4. Bloggers Are A Friendly Mob

I met so many wonderfully friendly women, who were happy to take me under their wing. I felt supported, and encouraged. These beautiful people remember what it’s like to be at the beginning of this blogging journey, and were quick to provide advice and constructive criticism.


I cannot thank Eden from Edenland enough for so graciously wiping away my tears, when I was so overwhelmed to meet her.

5. Other Bloggers Are Shy Also

After a few glasses of the old dutch courage, I bustled my way up to a few big name bloggers, to say hi, and really let them know how wonderful I find them to be. On more than one of these occasions, I totally overwhelmed these women. You see, just because I elevate these people in my mind to be nothing short of a celebrity, doesn’t mean this is something they feel about themselves. While my fangirling was appreciated, I was struck by how humble these celebrities were.

6. I’m Not Good At Drinking Bubbles

On Friday night, we had a cocktail party, a wonderful cocktail party with the most attentive staff I’ve ever seen. So attentive, that every time you took a sip out of your glass of bubbles, your glass would be topped up. Here comes the rookie error……..I didn’t eat, I was having so much fun socialising with my friends new and old, and before I knew it, it was 11pm, and I was feeling a little less than great. Quickly stumbling back to my room, I ordered room service in some lame attempt to sober up. It didn’t work and to say Saturday started rough, would be an understatement!

7. I Have A New Focus

Not only do I have a new focus, my inspiration coming out of this even is Focus. We were encouraged to look at why we blog, we were poked, prodded, pulled and stretched and I’ve come out of this event with a clearer vision than I had before. I have some wonderful new things planed for you my reader, information and clarity for us all alike.

8. Facebook Forum

Later this week I will be opening a Facebook group, a place for you all to feel safe enough to ask any question you might like to ask. All information will be treated with respect and Adam and I will be giving our advice for free. Questions from how much to expect to pay for a bathroom to what does this mean in my contract, will be answered with the hope that this supportive forum will provide you the opportunity to feel empowered throughout the building process. DIY questions are also welcome.

9. I Really Need A Breakfast Chef

I could really get used to this having a breakfast chef thing. Coming home to reality, really bit hard on Sunday morning when I had to get up and make everyone’s breakfast as normal. Perhaps my favourite part of being at the conference was breakfast, lunch, dinner and all means in-between being someone elses responsibility. It was amazing!


Kirsten, Karin and Emily, my drinking buddies.

10. I Found My Tribe

I’ve found my tribe, right there with all those like minded people. I felt excepted, like these people really ‘got me’. Special thanks to Kirsten and Co, Have a Laugh On Me, Cooker and a Looker, Our Town Brisbane, Mrs D Plus 3, Calm to Conniption, The Plumbette, Land of Zonkt, Boiled Eggs and Soilders, Fresh Home Cook, DIY Decorator The Annoyed Thyroid and the many, many more who are my tribe.


Kirsten, Emily and Me ? ?

Should you have the opportunity to attend a conference, or meet up with a like minded group of individuals, please, please do it! I have never felt so supported, and accepted as I do now and just as importantly I feel refresh, and energised. I have had so many business ideas since I came home! All to service you our readers, ideas to make your lives simpler, to ease a burden, all thanks to the inspiration received by simply meeting good people.

Are you a conference goer? Would you consider yourself to be an introvert? What are your hot tips for handling crowds?

Nicole xxx

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  1. I popped my conference cherry and had an absolute ball at ProBlogger. I’m totally with you on number one and without my glasses, I didn’t know who was Arthur or Martha! I’m totally gutted we didn’t get a picture together – I guess that means we’ll have to meet again on the pretence of a photo opportunity! The Facebook group sounds awesome! x

    1. Oh me too Sammie, I am so totally hopeless at the whole selfie thing, unless someone else suggests it, I totally forget! I can see a trip to Sydney for the ultimate selfie, in my not too distant future! xx

  2. I had so much fun hanging out with you at the conference! Thank you for your company (and your excellent photo taking skills!) Here’s hoping we get to do it all over again in 2016 x

    1. Me too!! I had a ball and your company made it all the sweeter. Thank you for being my breakfast pal. xxx

  3. I knew you would have a good time and I’m glad you found your tribe despite hardly seeing you during Friday and Saturday!! Loved that I could join you for dessert on Thursday night. Your blog is going to be doing amazing things. I have no doubt that the more you and Adam bless people with your knowledge, the more it will come back tenfold in profit to your business dealings. Looking forward to tomorrow with #HIT being launched! xx

    1. So kind Bec, thank you. I missed seeing you on the weekend, but had so much fun! I look forward to working closely with you for a long time to come. xxx

  4. Re no 5 – and big blog name’s, I’ve found the same, well not at problogger but through correspondence that ‘they’ are simply lovely people, totally approachable and real. And guess what, I though you were a ‘big name’ too, guess you don’t:)

    1. Oh Erin, that’s the kindest thing anyone has said. Thank you, you’ve made my day. I am glad that you’ve found blogger to be kind people too. xx

  5. Love this post so much, you are one of the good guys Nic and it shines through on how many people love and know your blog! It’s funny how we morph into our blogs! Eden is so gracious as are most of the ‘big’ bloggy superstars! The sky is the limit and I’m so pumped for you and what you’ve got planned, go get ’em!! xxx

    1. Oh Em, thank you so much. Eden is amazing, a true superstar. Thank you, you are so very kind. I loved spending time with you and really look forward to enjoying more of your company. xx

  6. It was so lovely to finally meet you (albeit a quick meet) and I”m really happy to hear your first blogging conference! So glad you found your tribe too! I can’t say I have found my ‘tribe’ to be quite honest. I met heaps of lovely people who I’ve only seen in profile pictures, I noticed many people tended to have their little groups and I just seemed to float around…but I guess that might just be me..the little networker that I am. ?

    1. I think you are right, I kept to my little group for the added security. I was quite nervous, and this offered the security for me to begin to relax. I’m so happy to have met you also and look forward to catching up again really soon xx

  7. It was such a great event. Can’t wait to catch up again. Can we have a Pro Blogger reunion – with wine instead of bubbles. K x

    1. Yes, yes and yes!! Bubbles are usually great, love them, just not in such large quantities xx

  8. […] ProBlogger in August, gave me the opportunity to meet many new people. Just before the event, I contacted my good friend Sammie, to offer her a lift from the airport to the venue, I asked if anyone else was traveling with her, as I had a big car, and plenty of room for some extras. This is how I met the wonderful Kim, as bold, bright and beautiful in life as online. […]

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  10. […] a little drinking, and a huge amount of learning is done, with lots of fun in between! This year, much like last I have come away inspired, only this year I have learned more than before and am ready to ramp up […]

  11. […] Problogger 2015 was one of the toughest pushes for me. At home in front of the computer, I felt a little of my old self, but stepping outside of my comfort zone and meeting real people, without my kids or husband holding my arm was huge. Huge……….. and rewarding. […]

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