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Using space

With such a large family full of diverse personalities, we have been working very hard to ensure we have little spaces that each of us are able to disappear into, to take some time and space.

One of the ideas we have been working on, is a reading nook or space in each of the children’s rooms. Our youngest, is a real dreamer, who loves to get lost in his own thoughts for hours at a time. Between reading and playing on his iPad, he is often most happy in his own company. Always one to encourage this independence, we are thinking of making room for a tepee in his bedroom, with big comfy floor cushions for him to lay around on and contemplate the world.


This tepee can be found for sale here.

Our youngest daughter, love all things princess. Our thoughts for her are to incorporate an inviting reading chair, maybe surrounded by a pretty, light mosquito net to give her the feeling that she is able to lock out the world and be comfortable in her own space.


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We are looking to create spaces the children want to be in, that will grow with them as they age. It is a difficult task that is taking a great deal of thought, but is a real pleasure to research.

What sort of spaces have you created in your home? Do you have somewhere you can escape to?

Nicole xxx


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  1. We’ve finished two of our girls rooms and i love them! The furniture can grow with them and the space can be easily redecorated with age appropriate decor as they get older. ?

    1. I think decorating the kids rooms is turning into my most favourite part of the house. It’s so exciting x

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