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How To Use Colour In Your Home

How To Use Colour In Your Home

Using colour in your home is a great way to reflect your personality within your own paradise. Colour can be used in a myriad of ways to really accentuate your home the way would like it to be. We have used colour in our lounge to bring in a little of our love of the outdoors, and in other rooms in our home we’ve added a feature wall to bring in some warmth and depth to our spaces. Let’s take a look at the ways in which you can add some colour to your home.

Throw Rugs and Cushions

Throw rugs and cushions are fantastic ways to add a little colour, and these can be changed out at any time to refresh the look. We often change ours to suit the season, and add thicker throw rugs in stronger colours in the Winter time, and thinner lighter colours for Spring and Summer.


Art Work

Have you thought about art as a decorating tool, and even better as a tool to bring a little colour into your home? In our lounge we have chosen art that blends with the stronger colours of our ottomans and cushions, however in a rather neutral room brightly coloured artwork would work especially well.

Feature Walls

We have a couple of areas with feature walls in our home, our entry has been painted a half strength grey pepper to create warmth and comfort as you enter our home. Colour does not need to be bold and bright, using a colour on a feature wall that is double or triple the strength of your wall colour can bring a really different effect to your space.



If you are not a fan of lots of bold colour, why not use flowers to bring in a touch of colour? I love fresh flowers and use them regularly, and if I can’t find or afford flowers each week, I’ll go on a foliage hunt instead. Green works beautifully to bring some colour into your home.



Ok, for the real bold among us, why not use your furniture to make a colour statement. Lounges in strong colours are on trend at the moment. A great option if you really love the piece you are placing in your home.

As you can see, there are many options to bring some colour into your home. I would love for you to share the colour in your home and how you have used it. Leave a picture in the comments on my Facebook page.

Are you a fan of colour? How have you used colour in your home?

Nicole xxx





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  1. Colors can get life to your home. Whether it’s wall paint, flowers, furniture or something else, colors help to feel refreshed and lively and give an elegant look to a home. Thanks for sharing these awesome tips.

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