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Tween Boy Room – Inspired Space

It is just about time to makeover the last sons bedroom. He doesn’t know it yet, but he is getting a room makeover for his 12th birthday. He would absolutely love a room full of Star Wars stuff, but we are concerned this will be a bit of a fade for Master 12, and so are choosing to decorate his room in a more flexible way.

In searching for the perfect style for Master 12, I found some gorgeous rooms to use as inspiration.

Tween Boy Rooms – Inspired Space

I LOVE this space by All For the Boys, such a creative use of the room. I adore the monochrome colour pallet and the little hints of Star Wars here and there. This is a great space for a tween boy to grow into.

Image Source

This handy little desk nook is just perfect for a tween boy. A little rustic or industrial with the varied use of materials, but also sporty for the athletic tween in your life. Not forgetting the reader, this space is as versatile as most tween boys.

Image Source

I think you can see where I am going with this inspiration. A blank canvas for our Master 12 to add to as he sees fit, the monochrome is perfect for that! I love everything about this room, so many layers and textures, it looks like a big comfy hug.

Can you believe this space by Hello Yellow Blog? What a lucky boy!!! The brick pattern behind the bed is actually a panel section, rather than the wallpaper I thought it was. Such a masculine, grown up room. Love it!

Back to monochrome crushing! with a little pop of yellow, this really cool space by Minibots found on Instagram, would work for just about any tween boy. I love the way the repetition of pattern grounds the space, you eye is drawn to the center of the wall and then leads up then down, very clever.

Another Instagram find, again it’s the repetition of the spots that caught my eye on this room, I would love to have seen round knobs on the white draws to really complete the room. Great space!


This room by The Design Chaser is amazing! So much texture, so many layers, it all comes together with seamless precision. Just stunning!

My guess is it is easy to see where Master 12’s room is going. I like the strength of the monochrome, also it’s ability to be added too without it being an unchangeable theme. We all love yellow in our house, so you can expect that to make a splash, happiness all round.

What is your favourite colour? Decorated a space recently? What textures would you love in your bedroom?

Nicole xxx

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  1. All looks fabulous – he’s a lucky kid!

    1. He sure is Alix! xx

  2. Forget the teen boys, I love all of those rooms! What a lucky guy – I know whatever you do, it will look totally ace. I can’t wait to see the big reveal!

    1. Thanks Sammie! I am sure he will be excited by it all. A few bits still missing but his big reveal is this evening. I will show it off once we are totally complete ?

  3. This is absolute perfect timing hun – my eleven year old hit me up with the request for a room makeover and I have been so stuck for ideas. Thank you xx

  4. You know all of my kids need a big makeover but until they start to take better care of their things, and have less cluttering toys I’m just pretending not to notice!

  5. Nicole
    You certainly have talent! I’m sure it will be brilliant ?
    totally agree that he’d soon outgrown the Star Wars theme, I think you’re smart to think longer term.

  6. I have no doubt Master 12’s room will look fab if this is your inspiration. I can’t wait to see it. ?

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