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Traits Of A Team Leader

Traits Of A Team Leader

As your business grows, so will your need for the right team to assist you in building your business. It is not possible for us to do all the work ourselves and in time you will find the need to have team leaders assist you with running your business. But what are the traits of a team leader that you need to look for? Let’s explore.

Traits Of A Team Leader

Before we get too far into the traits of a team leader, we need to know how to find them. For a new hire, I recommend that you go through a group interview process. Team leaders tend to expose themselves really quickly in this kind of environment, alternatively if you are looking to promote from within, you may have noticed the following traits in one of your team members. Of course these will require nurturing, however team leaders are generally easily spotted once you know what you are looking for.

High Level EQ

For those unfamiliar, EQ is Emotional Intelligence, and without it, we are not able to process situations within our daily lives in a controlled manner. EQ have five key areas,  Self-awareness, Self-regulation, Motivation, Empathy and Social Skills.  Your team leader will display high levels of emotional intelligence within the situations that arise in the workplace or within your group interview process. You can read more about EQ here. EQ can be developed over time, it is a skill that can be learned.


Integrity can be a little complicated to screen for in an interview, but with a little planing you could certainly set about a situation in which it is tested. Having a high level of integrity is important for all team members however, it is especially important for your team leader as they have influence of the rest of your staff. Integrity is easily recognizable in a working situation, they are the ones doing as they say they are going to do, whether you are there or not. Integrity cannot be taught, you either have it or not!

High Levels Of Personal Responsibility

This is a must when selecting a team leader. This job cannot be done by someone who blames everyone but themselves for issues when they arise. Your new team leader should be able to look at a situation and understand how they could have improved the situation.  That is not to say the right person is happy to take responsibility for every error despite how it came about. Rather a sound character that is able to self evaluate in times of need, and take responsibility for their part.

Team leaders also know how to build others up. Watch how they can instill confidence into others and help them with their tasks. They are able to effective communicate an issue without creating a feeling of shame or discomfort.

Problem Solver

As a business owner, a lot of what you do is wrapped up in solving problems. It is natural then to be looking for a problem solver to lead your team. You’ll need someone who is quick thinking, able to make decisions without spending too much time doubting themselves.

Problem solvers can be tested for in the interview process. When a group is given a problem to solve, you’ll quickly find many of the traits we’ve listed in the right candidate.


Leaders need to be approachable. There is little point having all the skills outlined, if your team is hesitant to take anything to your team leader. If you are promoting within, you’ll find your staff naturally gravitate towards this person. Alternatively if you are hiring for the role, in a group situation you’ll see them begin conversations and be open to chatting with the group, rather than being a little shy.

Expanding our businesses should be an exciting time, and with the right people in place, stress can be reduced. When you award the position of a team leader, ensuring they have the traits listed above will be a huge benefit to your business and staff.

Are you looking to expand your business? Do you have a team leader in place?




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