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Toolbox Tuesday-The Hammer

Toolbox Tuesday-The Hammer

Welcome to the first post of my new series, Toolbox Tuesday. During this series we will go through each tool in my builder hubby’s toolbox to give you a reasonable understanding of what tool is what and how it is used. This week we will start with the humble hammer.




Hammers come in many different shapes and sizes, the shape and size is dependent on the job for which it is used. A carpenters hammer is used for many different purposes, and is usually made of steel. Shaped like a big T, it combines a heavy rounded end with a flat surface, for using as a ‘hammering’ motion and a claw end for taking out old nails etc. These hammers are made for use on wood, but are not limited to this material. This hammer is not suitable for heavy use on metal surfaces.

Hammers are one of the most used tools in many different trades. There are many sizes available, even in the claw hammer variety, bigger heads with a non-slip checked surface are used as framing hammers for carpenters. The extra weight decreases the amount of blows needed to hammer the nails into the framing.
Nail guns are now growing in popularity, however these are not likely to totally replace hammers, as there are times when their power in not warranted.

Plasters use a lighter hammer with a bigger flatter head, to minimise the damage to the plasterboard. Tack hammers, are finishing hammers, used for smaller, finer jobs, like hammering in picture hooks. Upholstery hammers, are similar to tack hammers, small and lightweight, for use on furniture making. Most trades have a specialised hammer, to assist in their work.

Have you used a hammer? Do you have one in your tool kit at home?

Nicole xxx

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  1. I’ve used hubby’s hammer to put together an ikea box once, the proof is in the table with all the dents on it!

    1. Ha ha ha, oh Steph, I can assure you that me using one would only end in disaster!!

  2. Oh how I love a pink hammer. My hubby and I do a little DIY and we have recently tiled our ensuite ( still work in progress) and each new thing we do he shows and teaches me how to use the tools of the trade. Very handy really. Now what do I need a man for..lol

    1. I love DIY, although with a builder for a Husband I’m cheating! ?

  3. I’ve used a hammer many a time – putting in curtain rails, nailing on fence pailings, putting up picture hooks etc. I would so love a pink hammer like that one though! lol ?

    1. They are cetainly a bit of fun, the boys shouldn’t get to do all the fun bits ?

  4. A hammer is one of the few tools I have used! And I remember that hitting your fingers hurts!

    1. So true Ingrid! I can recall many a time Adam came home with blood blisters from missing the nail ?

  5. What a great idea for a series! I’m pretty handy with a hammer, myself ?

    1. Thank you Stacey, I’m very glad you like it. xx

  6. I like hammers. Although I do have a tendency to get my thumb in the way of them.

  7. Hey lovely, nice to see you again – sorry I’ve been off the boil – life MEH – busy! I love smashing a good hammer but this was very useful info! In saying that you know I make Mr HALOM do that stuff to earn ‘his keep’ ?

  8. Nicole, you are awesome! I think every woman should have her own toolbox AND KNOW all the different tools and how to use them. Your series will be a great resource for reference for many women (and men!).

    My issue is Husband steals MY tools! BUT, I am lucky, because he looks after them and puts them back ?

    Looking forward to having a squizz through your blog.

    MC xo

  9. I’d love a pink hammer like that one. Hubby has a collection of different hammers. I’m not very skilled at using them. Not enough power behind my swing and my aim is up to putt. Great idea for a series ?

    1. I love having a bit of a bash with a hammer, but must admit, my aim is way off ?

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