Toolbox Tuesday-Screwdrivers

What is a screwdriver…….A moulded plastic or wooden handle, with a long metal shaft, that has a tip with a flat (straight) or Phillips style (crossed) end. Used to amplify the hands turning motion, it’s end fits into the screw. Screwdrivers are most commonly used in appliance assembly, however widely used in many different situations. An absolute must for any home tool kit.


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The earliest recorded screwdrivers were found in the late middle ages, in Europe. Originally made with a pear shaped handle, and with a straight tip. The Phillips screwdriver was named after Henry F. Phillips a business man from Oregon, America. His major contribution was in driving the crosshead concept forward until it was eventually adopted by screw makers and automobile companies. Crossed or Phillips screwdrivers and screws provided more grip when turning.


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Screwdrivers, I think these will be the number one item we have all used. When you pause to consider, all those pesky little screws in the back of the kids toys, I believe all of us will have used a screwdriver at one point or another.

Do you have screwdrivers in your toolkit? Do you have flat or Phillips?

Nicole xxx


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  1. We’ve got both, in various shapes and sizes. And we have an electric one too, which has to be the best invention ever!

  2. Trish says:

    My hubby is a carpenter , owner builder and jack of all trades so he has dozens of screwdrivers. I have afew stashed around the house along with 1000 odd screws from his pockets LOL.
    He took my battery operated pink Makita.

    • nicole says:

      I can imagine Trish, just like our house, and do you have the same issue with your own home being last on the list? Because ours always has to wait until everyone else’s is done!

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