Toolbox Tuesday-Power Saw

Last week we looked at the hand saw, this week we take a little look at the Power Saw. This is another one of those tools, Adam uses just about every day. One of the first things for our apprentice to set up each day, is the power saw. Used for cutting just about everything, it provides a clean and precise cut, every time.


The power saw I am talking about above, is a circular saw, however there are many other types of power saws. Circular saws use a round disk of cutting teeth that spins using a rotary motion. Circular saws are used to cut all types of wood, plastic, and some metals.

Circular saws are easy to use, and very quick, proving to be a highly valuable tool on the work site. Power saws come in different types, hole saw, ring saw, buzz saw, miter saw and drop saws are all varieties of power saws. Some power saws are used on a bench, for more accurate cutting or in a situation where a lot of cutting is to be done, in a workshop or on a job.

Do you have a power saw? Have you used a power saw?

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