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Toolbox Tuesday-Power Drills

Toolbox Tuesday-Power Drills

Last week we spoke a little about Drills and their history, this week we will look a little at the modern drill and how it is used.

Today the most common drills used are power drills. There are two main types of power drills, corded and cordless. As a carpenter, Adam uses both styles of drills on a daily basis. Typically the corded drill provides more power than the cordless drill, while the cordless drill is extremely convenient.


The corded style of drill, while typically being more powerful, is also better used when drilling hard surfaces like steel or concrete, due to the constant speed and power of the drill. With this drill being plugged into the wall, there is no loss of power through loss of battery life.


The cordless drill, is excellent for speed of set up, for tight spaces, and for smaller jobs. An excellent tool for the home handyperson, easy to set up and use. The battery life of new modern drills is exceptional, the power of the newer models are comparable to the power of their corded brothers. AEG Powertools have an excellent range of power drills, including both corded and cordless drills.

Do you have a power drill at home? Have you used a power drill?

Nicole xxx

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  1. You’re so right about the battery life. I remember finding cordless drills such a pain, because the batteries kept dying on me at the most inconvenient moment, but now they seem to go on forever. I love our drill. Great post, thanks x

  2. I have and find them a little bit exciting lol. Always happy to leave all of the building work to my husband though ?

    1. I do like to play a little, but really for speed and accuracy, that’s Adam’s job ?

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