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Tiles For Indoors And Outdoors – What Is The Difference?

Tiles For Indoors And Outdoors – What Is The Difference?

This post has been written in collaboration with Lesso Commercial.

Tiles are a popular decorating option. If you have used them to decorate your bathroom, or any other area of your home, you may be thinking of using them in your outside space as well. It’s fine to use tiles outdoors, but you need to make sure that the right type is being used. If you hire a professional tiler to do the job for you, then they should be able to advise you about tile choice, but it does not hurt to make yourself aware of the differences between indoor and outdoor tile types.

You can take a look at the tiles sold by companies such as Lesso Commercial. They sell tiles to the trade, and having a look gives you a better idea as to what types of tile the professional you hire will have access to. Here are some points you need to think about when you look for outdoor tiles, as opposed to tiles for indoors.

The wear and tear of tiles for outside use

The outside space of your home is subject to a lot more wear and tear than the inside. People walk up and down wearing boots and shoes. You may have kids who play on roller blades, or kicking a football around. You also need to think about the fact that gardening equipment can be dragged or pushed along the floor. This is why it’s so important for the tiles that you use outside to be durable. The level of durability required is a lot higher than for tiles that are intended for internal decoration only.

The ability to withstand the weather

Tiles that are used outdoors are exposed to extremes of weather, such as sunlight, heavy rain and ice. They need to be able to withstand these extremes without breaking or fading. This is why external tiles are often not glazed. Normal glazing would tend to crack in weather such as ice and frost. If external tiles are glazed the glazing is thicker than that for internal tiles.

Textured surfaces to reduce the chance of slipping

We have already mentioned that tiles for external use are exposed to weather such as rain and ice. These weather conditions lead to surfaces becoming slippery. Obviously, you do not want to slip over every time you step on your outdoor tiled area. This is why tiles meant for external use have a textured surface. It helps shoes and boots to grip, and reduces the risk of accidents happening.

Tiling is something that can add a whole new feel to the outside space of your home. It’s an excellent way of adding colour to a decking area, for instance. You just need to make sure that the tiles used are the correct type. Doing so means that the tiling lasts longer, and makes it safe.

Do you have outdoor tiles at your home? Ever tried tiling?

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