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The Small Business Mother’s Day Gift Guide

The Small Business Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and the perfect time to support my love of shopping and my passion for small business. The Builder and I made a choice 7 years ago as we were planning our wedding, that moving forward, we would support small business and only spend our money where service was valued highly. Come gift giving times small business is my first choice for where I like to spend my money. I have many friends who have small businesses and have a put a few of them together in this Mother’s Day gift guide.

The Small Business Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Buying from a small business directly impacts a family, and many of the gifts ideas I share today will be from families you might even know. I must confess, it is also somewhat of a indulgent post for myself, being a list for the Builder and my kids to choose from, complete with all the links to get them there ? I can’t make it any simpler than that! Hopefully there is something here you can share with your family too.

Skin Boss Face & Body Oils

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Friends I love this stuff, and here is a confession, so does the Builder. My amazing friend Kirsten and her husband Scott launched their Skin Boss business last year, with amazing sucess. The perfectly blended face and body oils, have rehydrated my skin without the overpowering scents I am sensitive to.

You can buy Skin Boss here. If you’re quick, you can indulge Mum (or yourself) in this Mother’s Day Bonus Buy!

Styling You Shop

Mother's Day Gift Guide

My friends and family know, I always have something around my neck. This Philosophy scarf from the Styling You shop, would be the perfect addition to my accessory collection and buy purchasing from the styling You shop, you will be supporting not one, but two small businesses.

You can buy this gorgeous scarf here.

Cooker And A Looker Cookbook

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Amanda is a friend with a dream, who worked hard to make it happen, and this cookbook is the result of that dream. What I love about this cookbook, is not just the recipes it contains (you really have to try the Chilli Mud Crab!) but the stories that accompany them. It is like reading an old family book.

You can buy the Cooker And A Looker Cookbook here.

The Builder’s Wife Limited Edition Autumn Candle

Mother's Day Gift Guide

I have long had a dream to own a homewares shop, and for a long time, it was to be a bricks and mortar shop in the traditional sense. However after a catch up with a friend, who ever so subtly pointed out, I could have my dream right here on the blog, well hello!! Yesterday I launch the first of what I hope to be many new products through collaborations I have cultivated along the way.

Here is my very first product. I am obsessed with candles, my home is full of them and each season I love to update the scent to reflect the change in the weather. My first limited edition candle is gently scented with Autumn Pear and Lily, and is fresh but comforting. Locally made by a special friend, Jane.

You can buy my Limited Edition Autumn Candle here.

Carys Martin Ceramics

Mother's Day Gift Guide

With our busy family life, our mornings are often spent in the car, however I cannot begin my day without my morning coffee, when there is no time however I use a reusable cup to carry my coffee with me. On a quest this year to reduce our footprint I am looking for a way to have a reusable cup, that isn’t plastic! I was introduced to Carys Martin Ceramics by the wonderful Kirsten, and I must admit to falling in love with her products. Hint hint Builder!!!

You can buy from Carys Martin Ceramics here.

Miss Monogram

Mother's Day Gift Guide

My current obsession is for anything monogrammed. I received one of Miss Monogrammed’s large pouches last year as a gift from a friend, and absolutely love it! In fact I loved it so much, I went on to purchase a handbag to match, which was ever so helpful on our London adventure. Miss Monogram has a wonderful range that will include something suitable for every Mum.

You can buy from Miss Monogram here.

Peachy Sundaze


If I am not making a statement around my neck, I am making one on my ears. I’ve been quietly admiring these earrings via Instagram for some time now, and just know they will make the perfect addition to my growing collection. Another small business I’m happy to support!

You can buy Earrings by Peachy Sundaze here.

Tracey Fletcher King Framed Print

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Another collaboration has given me the opportunity to include gorgeous framed prints from Tracey Fletcher King in my shop. I was first attracted to Tracey’s artwork by her striking blue and white pieces, since then I have become a fan of her ability to beautifully capture so much of the world around her. I have included some of my favourite blue and white prints, and also some of Tracey’s gorgeous flowers in the collection available in the shop. All framed in a white 30x40cm frame. These pieces will work well on their own or as part of a collection.

You can buy Tracey Fletcher King Framed Prints here.

My little Mother’s Day hint to the Builder has turned into rather a large collection of wonderful small businesses in which I hope you find one you’d love to support too.

Do you have any ideas for Mum for Mother’s Day? Any ideas for yourself?

Nicole xxx

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  1. Such a fabulous gift guide! Thank you so much for including Skin Boss in the mix and huge congratulations on opening your own shop x

  2. Fabulous Nicole, great start to many beautiful products to come!

  3. Thanks so much for featuring the Philosophy scarf from my store – and I LOVE your philosophy of supporting small businesses. x

  4. Hi Nicole, I think your philosophy of supporting other small business owners is so wonderful. Thanks for including me in wrap up, you’re a doll.
    A x

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