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The Secret To Making Low Cost Decorating Work

The Secret To Making Low Cost Decorating Work

I’ve never had a huge budget for decorating my home, there are simply too many other things to spend my money on. But that has never stopped me from having well decorated spaces, nor should it stop you. Instead we should all be able to celebrate our own unique style without breaking the bank. So what is the secret to making low cost decorating work without looking like you shopped at the cheap store? Read on and find out!

The Secret To Making Low Cost Decorating Work

making low cost decorating work

We’ve all seen those gorgeous homes that look perfectly curated with high end fixtures, fittings and decor. While gorgeous, it’s just not practical for many of us. Instead I like to have a home that looks great without costing me an arm and a leg. It’s doable, but you’ll need to follow this principal.

The secret to making a space look fantastic without spending up big, is as simple as using a combination of investment pieces and lower cost items. It really only takes an investment piece or two, to make a whole room look expensive.

Photo Credit Hannah Puechmarin & Rachael Honner

In our lounge room, we have invested in the hard furnishings, but again not a huge amount, and then everything else in this space was bought on a budget. The pictures on the wall were from Early Settler and cost around $40 each, the side table was bought on Gumtree, for only $60. The pot on the side table was another Early Settler special costing only $35. The items on the ottoman were wall from local homewares stores and bought on special or on clearance.

Another trick is to collect over time. You don’t need to be in the position to purchase everything to fill a room at the same time. Layer your home with items you find and let them tell a story of who you are and the adventures you’ve been on.

I understand it can be really tempting to get the room done as quickly as you can, but honestly the interest you can create when you decorate over time, is really worth the investment of time.

This idea of decorating can actually be continued right throughout the home including its hard design. When designed our bathroom, we wanted the space to feel like a luxurious spa, but without the high end price tag.

Here we have used a bath from Highgrove Bathrooms, that cost under $1,000, the subway tiles on the wall are from Bunnings, but we did invest in the floor and feature tiles and the vanity. They bring the whole luxurious look together. The chandelier is also from Bunnings and the tapware was from Reece.

It is work shopping around, find what you love and then shop hard to find a cheaper alternative, because there is nearly always an alternative.

Our homes should be a reflection of our personality, not a highly curated, expensive showpiece. Following the principal of mixing a few key investment pieces with less expensive pieces can help you get the look you are after without the financial blow out!

Do you have items in your home that cost a lot and an little? Do you love a bargain as much as I do?

Nicole xxx

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  1. So many great tips! We decorate on a budget. With little people running around it’s not practical to spend a lot on furnishings with kids so we invested in a few key pieces and then change up the look with cheaper soft furnishings. It works for now

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