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The Perfect Kitchen-Inspired Space

The Perfect Kitchen-Inspired Space

On my quest to design the perfect kitchen for our home and our family, I have wasted many, many hours on Pinterest. What I would like keeps changing, but the basic cabinets, colours and tiles are staying the same. This week I am sharing more of what I love.


I love everything about this kitchen from Walter Lane Cabinet Maker

I love the accent of the dark bench top on the island bench, though we’ve recently been speaking about switching this and making the cabinetry darker on our island. Either way the contrast is spectacular. Such a simple and clean design with amazing results.


This is a really stripped back simple version of the kitchens I like from Jackson Built Custom Homes


This Dana Kitchens kitchen is just amazing, beautiful cabinetry, stunning bench tips, and that tap ware!


Another design from Dana Kitchens, I especially love the cabinetry on this one.

There are so many choices to be made before I am comfortable enough to settle on a design.I promise to keep you all up to date along the way.

Which kitchen design do you like best? Have you ever renovated your kitchen? Got any tips for me?

Nicole xxx


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  1. Nicole

    These are gorgeous and I’m combing for ideas!

    My sil who is a home ec teacher and has just spent 2 years planning her kitchen has just sent me many fantastic points, want me to email or share here? I’m blown away with her great points as I’m just starting my own planning, (and this is not my strong suit)

    Also plea for help to another mother of large family. Our oven just died on weekend, had visitors over, imagine 18 kids waiting for their pies and oven is stone cold dead!! Poor kids. Soo looking for 90cm+ freestanding electric oven, gas burners. Wanting oven to be dual fuel and not costing the earth. So far found Belling and Falcon. Do you have any knowledge to share?

    1. I would love for you to share them Erin, would you like to do a guest post with your sister in law’s tips? As for your new oven, we bought a reasonably priced Westinghouse oven when we moved in here, as the oven was broken and we knew we’d like to replace it when we re-do our kitchen, and I must say, it’s awesome! Sometimes the real inexpensive ones are really not worth the money paid for them. xx

      1. Nicole
        Oh golly I’d be honoured! addy is [email protected]
        My sister bought a Westinghouse and is happy too. After spending days researching and making phone calls I’ve taken a stand alone off the list. For a 90cm+ I’d be paying more than our car, think $3.5K to $9K and the reviews are scathing of some. Now looking at buying two wall ovens

        1. Thanks Erin, I’ll be in touch x

          1. Nicole
            What model, size did you get from Westinghouse for your family?

          2. Erin, we did get a 900mm but it’s a wall oven. We’ve also had 2 600mm wall oven which were just as useful xx

  2. I love the lights in the second one but I think the first is my overall favourite. Thank buddha for Pinterest!

    1. You are so right Karin, we are blessed to have such a tool. Beats ripping up my magazines xx

  3. Wow what beautiful kitchens! I have been wanting to redo mine for a while now, thank you for the inspiration!

    1. I love them too Kat, just counting down the days until we can get started!! xx

  4. My kitchen doesn’t seem much bigger than some of the fridges in these kitchens, but a girl can dream, can’t she?! I think the first one is my favourite, it was love at first sight!

    1. Mine either Sammie, but we are hoping with the extension we will be able to squeeze in some more kitchen space. With so many people all trying to get their breakfast ready at the same time, we can do with all the space we can get! xx

  5. […] Monday I showed you a series of beautiful kitchens that are keeping me inspired while I wait on our new kitchen and extension. Today I wanted to share […]

  6. I would be happy with any of these kitchens. Plus I am convinced our Pinterest boards would be best friends ?

    1. Oh Pinterest, it has my heart! xx

  7. With a bit of luck and some hard work maybe one day ill have a kitchen like the first one, amazing, nice post

    1. That’s why we don’t have ours yet Aaron, not enough hard work apparently ?

  8. These kitchens would so suit your place. I like the one with the marble tiles as the splashback. That’s a consideration if you really want marble in your kitchen? x

    1. I love them all!! xx

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