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The Builder’s Wife Update Time

The Builder’s Wife Update Time

My head is spinning, as I don’t really know where this year has gone. One minute we’re celebrating the start of 2019, knowing it was going to be bigger and better than the ones before it, and the next thing we’re deep in August, looking into September wondering where the rest of the year went! Cue update time!

The Builder’s Wife Update

The Builder and I have taken totally differnt turns in our professions this year.

In April together with my business partner Warrick, we launched Tradies In Business with great sucess. Like all new businesses, we’ve faced a few teething issues, and are currently revamping the whole website to create a better user experience. I’ve learned a LOT of lessons over the past 12 months as we took this idea and created our baby.

We are about to launch a new level of service, that is going to blow the socks off the industry in a whole new way. While this is going to take nearly all of my time over the next 12 months, I’ll still be here, hopefully more regularly.

I’m working on an exciting interior project at the moment, and a new one starts next week. I’ll be updating with more details as we go along.

The Builder is working in a whole new way now too. He’s focusing on smaller jobs and loving it. Where we had been working on high end renovations, he’s gone back to smaller jobs that create a deeper sense of satisfaction both for the client and for him.

He’s also training cert IV in Building and Construction and loving having a direct impact on the next wave of builders. It’s amazing to see a passion turn into a job, it really doesn’t feel like work at all!

Personal Update Time

On a personal level, we’ve had a big couple of months with illness and opperations. Dad, after years of being a tradie, found his body no longer kept up, and had to have major spinal surgery a few weeks ago. Such a tramatic time for him, but he is now beginning to heal.

I’ve been staying with Dad as he has been through this process, and it’s been a great time of bonding for us both.

We found out last week that the Builder is going to have to have 2 shoulder opps. The first will be later this year and the second will follow 12 months later. It’s going to be a trying time for him as he can’t drive or work for the frist 12 weeks after the opp, but getting out of the daily pain is the real focus right now.

I’m looking forward to retiring as the family nurse!! But that is the problem with so many of our tradies, their body is their most important tool, and yet they don’t take care of them.

My baby is in year 12 this year, so it’s been a year of firsts and lasts. Such an unexpectedly emotional time for me as a Mother. Our gorgeous girl came home in January but she’s already planning on leaving us again early next year. Such an exciting time of life for them both. The youngest of the family is loving the new independence he has found with his brother having a license. So many Macca’s runs!!

We’ve got some exciting news to share in the coming months. As more of our life takes a different direction, we’ll keep you updated when we can. I think you’ll be surprised to see what’s coming ? (how’s that for a teaser!! ) Stay tuned for the next instalment of update time!

I’d love to know how things have changed in your lives this year. Is your head is spinning like mine? Leave me a comment or send me an email, tell me all the things.

Nicole xxx

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  1. I can’t believe it’s almost Sept, and your ‘baby’ is Year 12. Wow. I hope you’re finding time to take care of you, even just a little bit. Much love xxx

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