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The Builder’s Wife – The Reason Behind The Name

The  Builder’s Wife – The Reason Behind The Name

Recently I was told of a young girl who follows my blog and loves all we do, but had a real issue with the name of the blog. It’s not the first time I have encounted this issue and as a proud feminist, it might seem really off with my values which I freely share. But there is a real reason for The Builder’s Wife being the name of my blog, let me share.

The Reason Behind The Name – The Builder’s Wife

I had a blog before this one, it’s name was a combination of the two most searched words on the internet at that time, and that name helped me gain traction very quickly. Being a personal blog, once the children were a bit older, it was no longer appropriate to share details of our lives, so it was time for a change.

When brainstorming ideas for my new venture, I first had to write a list of what direction I wanted this blog to take. Initially it was about sharing our renovation, our business and a little about our personal lives.

I needed a way to explain to the reader exactly who I was before they came on over to the blog.

By the time I started the blog, I had been actively working in the industry for 3 years. They had been some pretty tough years fighting against the norm of the industry and finding my way, but in 2014 when the blog began, I was finally feeling comfortable within myself.

The problem with my position in the company, was that there was no short way to describe what I did. I was responsible for the paperwork, for organising and scheduling trades, for ordering materials, for safety and for staff, I made decisions in and around the business and actively took a role with our clients. Hardly a pretty name for a blog.

This is a common role within the industry, especially in smaller businesses, where it is usually for the wife or partner to have such a big role. It was always my desire for this blog to appeal to other tradies wives, and so the easiest way to describe who I was in a way that would resonate with others in similar positions was to call myself exactly what I was.

The Builder’s Wife.

Furthermore, it’s a catchy name, and it rates well as a search term. All essential for the growth of my blog. In growth comes the opportunity for me to share my knowledge with so many more women who work in the construction industry and other women working in small businesses.

While the name doesn’t accurately reflect what the blog has grown into, it still reflects who I am, the wife of a builder.

I have some big changes coming to the blog and what I do, however the name will remain, as my original intent to educate and support women in small business still remains as a focus.

Can I also say, just how excited I was to hear a teenage girl had the mindset and confidence to question my name, and even more excited to hear that such a strong young women enjoys my blog. If you are reading today, please know I am grateful for you.

Have you ever wondered about my name? Is there a question I can answer for you?

Nicole xxx


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  1. I love the name of the blog and think it’s a perfect fit, although as you so rightly point out, you’re so much more than just the builders wife! Whichever way you wrap it up, you’re pretty awesome!

    1. Thanks Sammie! I think you’re Ace too!! x

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