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The Builder’s Wife Loves – Guest Bedroom

The Builder’s Wife Loves – Guest Bedroom

I have a project on the go at the moment, a guest bedroom, which is so much fun! I have put together a list of my favourite pieces that will all work within this bedroom really well. Perhaps some of the pieces will work well as an addition to your bedroom too!

When I start working with a client, I like to have a meeting to discus the clients requirements, along with how the space will be used. This guest bedroom is most likely to be used by predominately female colleagues when they travel to head office. My client wanted a warm and welcoming guest bedroom, that was on the feminine side without being a space that would be offensive should a male stay there are well.

The Builder’s Wife Loves – Guest Bedroom

Macey Vintage Washed Coverlet

Starting with the bed, to create a warm and welcoming space, I have used textures and layering. You can’t go past white linen especially in a guest bedroom, however the coverlet used here, has a textured pattern which gives it a warm feel.

This coverlet is from Zanui and you can shop here.

Hampshire Faux Fur Rug

I love faux fur as a decorating option, and these affordable rugs come in gorgeous colours which will work perfectly with the colouring for the room. Faux fur makes for a snuggly space!

These faux fur rugs are from Pillow Talk and you can shop here.

Mongolian Faux Fur Cushion Cover

Likewise some texture in the cushions will compliment what we have suggested here with the bed linen and faux fur rugs.

These faux fur cushion are from Pottery Barn and you can shop here.

Copacabana Plain Cushions

It can’t all be texture, we need some gorgeous plain cushions as well, and these colours are perfect for our palette. I would have 4 of these cushions, 2 in each colour as well as one of each size of the faux fur ones above.

These gorgeous cushions are from Pillow Talk and you can shop here.

Clara Lattice Narrow Bedside Table

Bedside tables are an essential for all bedrooms, and these classic yet understated bedsides, are perfect for this guest bedroom. Finish up by adding a small vignette to each one, again reflecting the colour palette of the room.

These stunning bedside tables are from Pottery Barn and you can shop here.

Normann Copenhagen Bell Lamp Grey

For change from the usual table lamps, why not consider a pendant light for each side of the bed. In the perfect world you would have a dimmer installed on the switches for these helping to create the mood lighting lamps are so good for. I love the shape of these!

These fantastic lights are from Hunting For George and you can shop here.

Pink Blooms Canvas Wall Art

The gorgeous art piece was where the colour inspiration came from. I adore the depth of colour here and how the pinks, greys and white are represented, giving us the final touch to bring the room together.

This beautiful and affordable art is from Final Touch Interior Decore and you can shop here.

Bedrooms are my favourite rooms to put together. It is such an easy space to add a bit of everyday luxury to make the end of your day a reward, cosy and warm.

Which is your favourite room in your home? Do you have a guest bedroom?

Nicole xxx




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