The Builder’s Wife DIY Christmas Tree

Having a builder for a husband gives us a unique opportunity to do many things that others wouldn’t, like never finishing our renovation. :) It also gave us the opportunity to dream up, design and build our first Christmas tree that very first year we were together as a step family, 6 years ago now. Despite having a builder handy, this tree is so simple that with some supervision, the children make it most years.


The Builder’s Wife DIY Christmas Tree Part One

Materials needed.

3 x 2.4m 70×35 Non-structural Pine Framing

Cut into the following lengths,

Piece one cut: 2 @ 700mm (Feet)

Piece one cut: 2 @ 200mm (Feet)

Piece one cut: 1 @ 50mm (Top arms )

Piece one cut: 1 @ 80mm (Top arms)

Piece one cut: 1 @ 200mm (Top arms)

Piece two cut: 1 @ 1m (lower arms)

Piece two cut: 2 @ 465mm (lower arms)

Third piece: 1 @ 2080 at one end of this piece cut angles to add to the tip of the tree effect (mast of tree)

cup hooks

soft wire

Tools needed.

  • Power saw or hand saw
  • Drill or hammer
  • Sand paper
  • Brush


Step one;

Screw together feet pieces as shown.


Step two;

Screw the mast to the feet assembly as shown and stand vertical, as above.

Step three;

Screw the lower arms into position as shown


Step four;

Screw the top arms into position as shown


Step five;

Cut enough wire to loop around the outer edge of the lower arms, and fix to the lower arms with cup hooks.


Step six;

Repeat the same process for the upper arms

Step seven;

Paint to whatever colour you wish, we’ve had white trees, a green tree and a brown tree, all have looked great especially once decorated.


It really does not matter how rough your tree is, this one we have had for a few years now, it even moved with us twice. It’s rough finish adds to it appeal. Next week I will take you through the decorating process. It’s much excitement and happiness when it the Christmas tree begins in our home.

Do you have a unique Christmas tree? Are you a Christmas crafter?

Nicole xxx


9 Responses to The Builder’s Wife DIY Christmas Tree

  1. I think this is genius and so environmentally friendly too! I am not a Christmas crafter at all, but what I lack in crafitness, I totally make up for with enthusiasm!

  2. I think this tree is brilliant! You are so clever. I want to know how you decorate the tree.
    We have two trees. One green one and an antique silver one my Grandparents brought back from San Diego. Esther has asked to put up the green tree tomorrow. :)

  3. I love this tree, especially that you made it yourself!
    Just too cool. You are a clever duck.
    We had a white stick tree, but we’ve moved to a green one, my husband said, it just wasn’t the same, he’s a bit old fashioned lol!
    We’ll be tree trimming this week, I can’t wait!
    I love Christmas. x

  4. Oh Nicole, That’s is the most amazing tree ever! We’ll be putting up our tree today and tomorrow, but it’s just an pretty twinkling shop bought one. Your one is soooo creative. Love it!

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