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The Builder’s Wife 2016-Home Improvement Thursday

The Builder’s Wife 2016-Home Improvement Thursday

Today’s post is not so much about home improvement, but about improving your lives and how I can help you with that. My intention with this blog was always to educate you, my readers, about the processes involved in building or renovating your home. With the new year, comes an opportunity to refocus on what is important to my readers. I’d like to encourage each and everyone of you to take a moment to leave a comment about what you would like to see me cover this coming year.


Would you like to see some DIY projects, if so what type? Would you like me to show you basic around the home maintenance, and if so what maintenance would you like to see covered? Would you like information about our current projects? Are you still enjoying My Favourite Space? Are there any questions you’d really like answered?

I’d love to know a little more about you my readers. Like why do you read this blog, what are you looking for? Are you a renovator, about to build a new home or a tradie or tradie wife? This little bit of insight, will help me help you.

This is our final #HIT link up for the year. Thank you for taking the time to link your posts over the last few months. The Plumbette and I have really enjoyed playing host and hope that you will continue to join us in the new year.


Welcome to #HIT or Home Improvement Thursdays.
Anyone can join in, no matter the niche of your blog, just as long as your linked post follows the few simple rules.
HIT Rules
1. Linkable posts, must centre around the topics of DIY, Renovations, Home Organisation, Home Improvement, Home Makeovers, Home Styling, or Home Maintenance.
2. You can share 1 post each week. Please make sure they are new to the “Home Improvement Thursday” party.
3. Linking is simple, find the little blue button at the end of the post that says, Add Your Link, and then pop in your URL, and follow the prompts. Your link only needs to be added once and it will automatically show up on both of our blogs… it’s that easy!
4. Grab our #HIT button and pop it on your sidebar. Don’t forget to share it with others.
5. Follow the blogs of your fellow #HIT family, and leave a comment. Please visit and comment on at least three blogs that are near you on the list.
6. Leave a comment on the post below so we can return the favour and comment on your post.
7. Don’t forget to follow The Plumbette and The Builder’s Wife
*Each week Bec and I will feature one of your posts onto our social media pages. By adding your link, you are giving The Builder’s Wife and The Plumbette permission to post one photo from your post with a link back to the full post for future roundups on our blogs and possibly share your image and link on social media.
For any questions please email myself [email protected] or Bec [email protected]
We’d love you to join in. xxx

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  1. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year ?
    Gee a hard question, I began mainly reading your blog cause I found your library post and just kept drooling. I continue reading because though some of your posts aren’t relevant to my current situation I enjoy your writing style.

    I do also love your decorating style but confess I’m pretty inept in that area myself. Say how about a series of guiding the helpless wannabe decorators through to having a little style. Mmm explain how it works, room by room and maybe give us an assignment or something. My dearest friend says “I love your home I feel so comfortable and welcome” and whilst that’s nice well, I live on a building site, as you know we’re owner building, and not one room is complete, but still I do crave some pretty, but not clutter, I live with too many belongings, so many people. Am I creating excuses for my inertia? ?

    As for today’s post I’ve shared, we finally finished our roofing just before Christmas, what a mammoth task for owner builders to undertake, but, done! Actually I have several posts leading up to the final post I’ve shared here, so if anyone is that keen, the whole story is there to read, I’ve left links to the previous installments.

    Happy New Year

    1. Thank you Erin, a very merry Christmas and happy new year to you and your family. You sure have been busy this year! I’m looking forward to popping by your blog today to read all about the installation of your new roof!
      I love your friends description of your home, this is exactly what I strive for in my own home. Warmth and comfort is not easy to create, and really can only come from the people inside the home.
      Thank you for your suggestion to have a guide to styling, I am not sure I am qualified to do so, however will look a little closer at the idea for early new year.
      Thank you for your continued support, I look forward to watching your home continue to evolve over the year to come. xx

  2. I can’t wait to see more of your house and the projects you have planned to extend and renovate it next year. I love your styling posts as I love the photos and images you put with each post. I would love a post on how you make your vision boards for your house – via pinterest or magazines – or how you do it and how you know that what you love is going to work in the aesthetic of your home. I’m looking forward to partnering with you for HIT next year and seeing where you blog evolves. I think it has evolved tremendously this year. xx

    1. Thank you Bec, you are very kind. The vision boards post is a great idea, I’ll give this some thought and see how I could best get the information across. xx

  3. Well, I’m naturally nosey, so I love the sneak peek into your home and others in “My Favourite Space.” I love the progress updates on your own home and when you give a variety of styling options for various spaces. I’m with Bec, I’d love to see how you get your ideas for your vision board via pinterest etc, because I wouldn’t know where to start! Wishing you an absolutely fabulous new year full of all good things and I for one, am looking forward to swinging by for more bloggy goodness!

    1. I love the “My Favourite Space” series as well. It is set to recommence this Friday….yay!
      Styling seems to be a common theme, and although I feel totally unqualified, I am sure that I can work it in. Thank you for your feedback and thank you so much for your continued support. Big hugs xxx

  4. I like seeing current projects – as a tradie wife myself I also like your posts about working with your husband (patience!! and how the heck do they forget to eat that lunch I lovingly prepared and then find it in the back of the ute a week later??!!).

    1. This helps a lot Alix, thank you. I think it could go down as life’s great mystery, where does that lunch disappear too before being found days later?

  5. […] my other life as the business manager to our construction company, Fernbrooke Homes, I find that I am approached at least monthly by school aged students looking to gain a school […]

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