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The Builder and Why a Good Nights Sleep is So Important

The Builder and Why a Good Nights Sleep is So Important

This post is sponsored by Sleepmaker.

The Builder works long, hard days, 8-12 hour physically challenging days. There is no air-conditioning, it’s very often hot and dirty, conditions are not great. It involves carrying heavy timbers, balancing all manner of tools and materials on his head, arms or any way possible. The Builder only ever takes a 30 minute smoko break.

When he gets home there are often a couple of hours to be spent in the office, with paperwork, quotes and scheduling. Once the day is done, he is tired, so very, very tired. For many years his body put up a good fight and just kept going, but now after more than 20 years in the game, it’s getting weary. His joints ache, his muscles are fatigued, it’s tough.

Recently his quality of sleep has become so very important to keep him going. Not only to rest his weary body, but to keep his mind sharp and safe on site. Last year, when we moved into our “Pen Y Llechwedd” we bit the bullet and purchased a new bed. For us it’s a real investment in keeping The Builder safe each day. We put in a great lot of research into the bed we finally purchased, mostly in the form of lying on each bed in the bed shop.


While this was effective at the time, it took ages to find the right bed. Sleepmaker have come up with a new way to shop for your bed. The Sleepmaker Selector Comfort Tool could have saved us this long and sometimes embarrassing process, by answering 12 simple questions online. Once you have finished answering the questions, the tool will guide you to your local store that stocks the mattress chosen for you.

Regardless of your chosen profession, a good bed is a vital investment, and one that way noticed when we finally got it right, helps The Builder be rested and refreshed for the day ahead.

Can you remember the first bed you had when you moved out of home? Still sleeping on it or come a long way from there?

Nicole xxx


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  1. I noticed with our recent roofing that my husband is getting a little older, slowing a little. I too was really concerned about safety.
    Husband has always insisted on us buying new mattresses every 10 years and it does make a difference.

  2. A new bed mattress will be most likely on the cards as one of our next bigger purchases. So good that Sleepmaker have that questionnaire tool as it will help us narrow down our choices.

  3. We are definitely up for a new mattress soon. Always so hard to tell what’s going to be right when you just have a little lie down in the shop.

  4. […] Sleep really is a tonic for the whole body. I have spoken before about how important it is that The Builder gets a good night sleep, every […]

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