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The Breakfast Room

The Breakfast Room

Last year the family of the first owners of our home came to visit. With them they bought amazing stories and history of our house, answering many of our questions. One of the questions they answered was the use of our eldest girls bedroom, which was in their day, a room they called the breakfast room. Since that visit, we have been really keen to return the room to its former use, our daughter moving overseas has provided us with that opportunity, something I will share with you next week. For now, let’s explore the history of this room.

The Breakfast Room


When the house was first built in 1914 the room known as the breakfast room was a part of the verandah. Perhaps at that time it also housed the kitchen, which was a common location for them at the time. In the 1930’s the house was to see a large renovation, in which pressed metal ceilings were added, as were window seats and the verandah built in to create the breakfast room.

The room has gorgeous pink, yellow and green glass typical of the 30’s. The Johnson family told stories of a ‘too big table’, where they would gather, share a meal and many laughs. This reflection was told with a twinkle in the eye, and a broad and happy smile. The are many memories in this room for the family.

breakfast room

In later years, once the house passed into another families hands, this became and stayed a bedroom, that is until our daughter moved away. In recent months, we have stripped the room, changed the location of the doors, painted, and put in fresh carpet.

We have had new furniture made, and today is the day it arrives, just in time for it’s reveal on the weekend. We see the value of this room, to be a sitting room. A sanctuary for us to escape to after a long day. It will really be a Winter room, as it catching the sun in the morning and is beautifully warm all day. I look forward to sharing this space with you next week.

Do you have a sitting space inside your home? Do you gather with your family at the table each day?

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