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How To Tell When It’s Time To Upgrade Your Work Vehicle

How To Tell When It’s Time To Upgrade Your Work Vehicle

This post is written in collaboration with The NRMA

I have an interesting story to share with you today about how to tell when it’s time to upgrade your work vehicle, it might even make you laugh a little. This is a story from The Builder, from when he was a younger man, and still working his way towards buying a new ute.

Picture The Builder, filthy dirty, hot and sweaty in the middle of Summer, driving home with no air-conditioning from a long hot day in the sun at work. His old ute is puttering along, below the speed limit, because that’s the best it can do, window down, stereo playing AM tunes, desperate to catch a breeze.

He’s cranky, tired and ready for a shower and a cold drink. The last thing on his mind at that point in time, on the highway, is his wheels. As far as he knows, everything is fine and every minute is one closer to home and that shower.

Now imagine his distress, and just how filthy his mood got, when he felt a bump, a pull on the steering wheel, and was met with horns blasting behind him. Not sure what was going on, he looked in his mirrors, only to see a wheel rolling down the highway, and like a bad comedy movie, cars swerving left and right to get out of the way.


It’s only then, The Builder realises what has happened. One of his wheels has come right off and is now creating havoc both in the car and to all the traffic behind him.

You can bet, as the filthy, hot, cranky, tired builder was walking down the highway to retrieve said wheel, he wasn’t happy with this rather obvious sign that it was time to upgrade his work vehicle. You can also bet that when The Builder finally got home, the first thing he did, after grabbing a cold beer and having a shower, was jump online and search for car finance and what his options might be.


Within a fortnight, The Builder was driving around in his nice new ute, feeling rather comfortable in the air-conditioning listening to his new FM radio, cruising at the speed limit with his fancy power steering, vowing and declaring never to leave it too late to see the signs that he needed a new work vehicle again.

Have you ever waited for an obvious sign to tell you it’s time to upgrade something? Ever run down a highway chasing a wheel?

Nicole xxx



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  1. I would LOVE to upgrade my vehicle to a 7-seater but when mine is perfectly fine I can’t justify it for now! We’re so fortunate to have finance options these days, not like when our parents were our age!

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