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Toolbox Tuesday-Tape Measure

Toolbox Tuesday-Tape Measure

This is the number one tool used in my toolbox, the tape measure. It is an essential tool to have in your home, so essential to us as builders, we have several in our home, as well as one is each car, in each tool belt and each work tool trailer. You simply cannot do a accurate job without one. We use it every day. So what is a tape measure?

A tape measure is a flexible ruler. It is made of many different materials for example, cloth, metal, fiberglass, and plastic. Some tape measures have metric (Metres and Centimetres) increments of measurement and some have imperial (Feet and inches) increments of measurement, some also have both. Builders tape measures typically measure up to 8m although, tape measures can measure up to 100m.

The first ever recorded tape measure was increments marked on leather, used during Roman times. In 1968 a patent was filed by A. J. Fellows for the tape measure, various improvements have been made on this original tape measure since that time. Most common tape measures used now are roll up, spring loaded, to retract after measuring the required distance.


Tape measures are used for many purposes in many professions. Nearly all tradespeople will use tape measures every day in their working life. Tailors also use tape measures every day in their profession. Digital tape measures are beginning to be seen on a more common basis, these devices measure from the point they are placed on, to where their laser beam to shone to, and give very accurate measurements.


In the residential home, tape measures may not be used quite so often, but do still feature quite regularly. For example, when choosing furniture for a room, the furniture or space for it to reside would often be measured. Quite frankly, it is the handiest tool I have ever learnt to use.

Do you have a tape measure in your home? Do you use a tape measure regularly?

Nicole xxx

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  1. I have to be very honest, it isn’t something i use a lot of but in saying that i can use a tape measure and yes i think we have a few laying around. Mostly hubby uses them lol x

    1. I most certainly think ever home should have one, and I do believe that the menfolk seem to have a gift for reading them. It took me a while to get it right. ?

  2. I have sewing tape measures, and Boatman has one like these pictured in the shed, so I know where to find them. I rarely find myself needing one these days though, now that I think about it.

    1. That’s interesting Jess, before our renovation, I hadn’t used one very often, and I must admit I am no sewer, so I never use a sewing tape measure. ?

  3. We’ve been using our metal tape measure to measure how far my son throws his javelin in his practice sessions. Although he also uses the javelin turning it over and over again as he walks to roughly calculate the distance on days he couldn’t be bothered using the tape measure. Personally I think the tape measure is so much easier and more convenient!

    1. When writing this post I never even thought of the possible sporting applications for a tape measure. I would think the tape measure would most definitely be easier, but turning the javelin over on it’s end sounds like more fun ?

  4. Yes, we have quite a few lying around the house. I’ve learnt recently that I’m hopeless at reading them though. I measured our four year old the other day with one because I thought she was looking extra tall. I went to work the next day and told someone that my daughter was 155cm. He was like 155cm – that’s massive for a four year old?? I realised that I’m 170 cm and if she’s 155cm something seriously wrong was going on with my measuring. Dave told me how to read it correctly. She’s a rather normal 115cm ?

    1. I was terrible at reading them too Renee, until I had one hundred lessons from the boss. Now I still manage to stuff it up from time to time. Love this story though, a great idea for another post. Thank you xx

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