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Teck Talk-MDF

Teck Talk-MDF

What is MDF? Medium Density Fibre Board, it is made of hardwood particles (like sawdust) that is then compressed under great heat and pressure with a resin or glue, to create MDF panelling. MDF panelling is stronger than particle board and plywood, and is used in similar circumstances where plywood would be used.


In Australia the main source of timber used for MDF is plantation grown radiata pine, however other products have been used for example other woods and waste papers. MDF is more uniform than natural timbers, it is smooth, and can be flexible, making it perfect for veneering. It’s smooth surface makes it ideal to paint.


MDF is commonly used around the home, in shelving, VJ panelling and architraves to name a few. MDF is used by carpenters, and DIYers alike, a handy and sustainable substance with many uses in and around your home. A note of caution, always cut MDF is a well ventilated area while wearing a ventilation mask.

Have you ever used MDF? Do you have any home renovation plans in place?

Nicole xxx

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