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It is my belief, that the most important part of being a successful builder, is communication. It is not a skill that is taught in the initial carpentry apprenticeship, nor is it then taught in the courses required to become a builder, is a learned skill that comes from years on the job.

Communication is responsible for every single aspect of your job, from the quoting process, to the contract, to the tradespeople, to the selections, to the completion of the job. A builder is responsible for communicating every detail to you the client, the tradespeople, the suppliers and even in some cases the clients bank. Every step of the way communication is the most important aspect.

It is the builders responsibility to first listen to what you require, and then take that information and communicate your dreams, until that becomes reality.


It is essential when choosing a builder, to be sure that the builder you choose, communicates well with you. If you have any doubt during the quoting process, this is the time to re-look at your options, remember that the builder that you are currently having difficulties communicating with, will be responsible for communicating you dreams to each person involved, and if that connection is at risk, it is most likely the result will reflect that.

How have you found the communication with any builders you have used? Do you have any tips for effective communication?

Nicole xxx


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  1. Oh gosh, I wish I was on a builders forum so I could share this. Most of the tradespeople I have worked with have been useless communicators. I just advocate honesty- if something is going to take 4 weeks then just say that, don’t say two and then get surprised when the client is unhappy that is wasn’t done…
    Bit of a rant ?

    1. I so agree Nicole, I simply cannot understand dishonesty. It really saves so much drama for all involved if you just tell the truth right from the beginning. You’re right, often there is disappointment, however that disappointment is far less and the ongoing lies. Rants are always welcome! ?

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  3. […] your builder or renovating team, be sure that you are clear and frequent with your communication. Communication is the number one source of issues between builders and clients. Keeping a paper trail of any communication that takes place is essential. When communicating in […]

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