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Tech Talk-Vinyl Flooring - The Builder's Wife

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Tech Talk-Vinyl Flooring

Tech Talk-Vinyl Flooring

For this weeks Tech Talk, we are answering a reader question about laying vinyl flooring. After posting our photos last week of our completed floor, a few of followers sent in questions asking for advise on what flooring to choose and if it was possible to lay for themselves, so here is our best tips.


Choosing flooring is not as easy as it looks, there are many cheep, poor quality flooring available. We choose Karndean loose lay vinyl planks, which come from the UK. These are a commercial grade, high quality flooring, supplied to us by Hoopers Carpet One at Ipswich. It was important for us to choose high quality as neither of us are fans of the ‘hollow’ noise that is made when walking on most click, clack timber flooring systems. This is our preference only, and in some cases the click, clack flooring is the best option for your home. We took the time to research our product, and most importantly, we listed to the advise of our chosen retailer, as after all, they are the professionals who work with the products day after day. Our research found that many of the cheaper vinyls will shrink over time, between planks leaving a small gap. The quality of the Karndean, and its 10 year guarantee, means that any high wear, high maintenance areas are perfectly suited to its quality.

However there are many products of this nature available, and our best advice is for you to explain to your retailer what your requirements are, and be lead by their professional advice.

Laying can be done by yourself, a big saving if you are confident. As usual, preparation is paramount. Ensure you have a clean dry surface to lay your vinyl planks. The planks can be laid over most other flooring, for example tiles, concrete or timber, any hard surface. If laying over tiles, it is important to fill in the previous mortar line in between the tiles. This can be done with a levelling compound, fill in each line clean the area and allow to dry.


Set out is as important as the preparation, start with the longest run possible, for example through the centre of room or down a hallway. This gives the best opportunity for consistent line through out your room or rooms, then you can lay your other planks from that line. The second line should be staggered to create an authentic timber plank look. Start the first plank in the second line in the middle of the first plank in the first line.

A high quality very sharp cutting knife is essential to keep your job neat, and ensure accurate cutting into corners and around obstacles in the room, for example posts. This flooring need minimal gluing to be fixed to the floor, because of its high quality, it can even be laid without glue, because the planks fit together so tightly. For best results, see the manufacturers guide to laying the floor. Here is a video on the advantages and benefits of a Karndean floor.

As always, if you are in doubt, seek professional installation. Sometimes paying for the floor to be laid by a professional is less expensive than paying for it to be fixed when a mistake is made.

This post is a non-sponsored post, all opinions are our own. We are extremely happy with the floor we choose and cannot recommend the professionals at Hoopers One Ipswich, highly enough.

Have you ever thought about laying your own floor? Do you have vinyl planking?

Nicole xxx


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  1. The floor looks fabulous Nicole. I love it. I wouldn’t lay a floor myself because I reckon it’s quicker for an installer to do it and I’m best to stick installing what I know. I really like the colour you chose too. We have a wooden floor board too but in a dark red wood colour. I love it but it can be a pain to keep clean with little kids and a dog that likes to drool!

    1. Thank you Bec, we are very happy with it. Truth be known, there is no way we would lay a vinyl floor either, it is a far quicker job for the professionals and we are better off doing what we know best 🙂 We had dark timber floors in our old house and yes! they are a real pain to keep clean, these ones are marginally easier, but I am a bit fussy, so they don’t stay ‘clean’ for long. xx

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