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Tech Talk-Studs

Tech Talk-Studs

Today we are talking all things Studs, and no were are not talking about the tradesmen,


we are talking about these, not these…….stud_muffin_blue_tee_funny-r039ba48dc1684d099f4d926185f7218e_804gs_512

So what is a stud in building, and why do you need to know about it?

Studs are a vertical piece of timber within your walls that is fixed to the top plate and the bottom plate, with our previously mentioned noggins, that fix in between them. All together, this is the internal structure of the wall, once completed, plasterboard in fixed to the structure to give you a wall. Studs can be both, vertically load bearing or non-load bearing, depending on the requirement of the wall. They can be made from either timber or steel. They hold in place windows, doors, insulation, the plasterboard and the exterior finish. Once the studs are fixed to the bottom plate this is then fixed into the slab or flooring of you new home to keep it in perfect position.

Why do you need to know what a stud is? Well, once your renovation or building is completed, you are going to want to decorate those beautiful new walls, and when you would like to hang your heavy picture frames or mirrors, it is very important that you find a stud in the wall where you would like to place your nail of picture hook, to give it strength. If you are hanging something of any reasonable weight, it is imperative that you hammer you nail/picture hook into the stud, to prevent the picture pulling on the nail and eventually pulling it from the wall, causing damage to the wall and to the picture itself.

Sometimes, client request that extra studs be placed in a wall, or that studs are at certain places, especially in the case of a home theatre.

Did you know what a stud was? Have you thought about using the wall studs to give strength when hanging a picture?

Nicole xx

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