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Tech Talk-Selections and the Importance of Timing

Tech Talk-Selections and the Importance of Timing

Today I wanted to explain why getting your selections in on time is important. Far too often, builders are enforcing their deadlines without explanation and the unfortunate client has no idea why they can’t just take an extra day or two to decide on something they will be stuck with for the next 5-10 years. Well, there is a reason, let me explain.IMG_20140724_123304


Being a bespoke builder, we are able to have more flexibility with our selection process, so that is all I am able to speak about today.

When signing a contract or very soon after, with Fernbrooke Homes, we provide you with a list of selections required, a budget that is allowed within your contract, and a date these selections must be made by. Typically the dates and times will vary depending on the selection to be made. We have preferred suppliers, however we allow you to make your selections within a larger range of suppliers, to ensure that you are able to find exactly what you had imagined.

We provide a budget, to avoid any confusion on what is allowed. Lets say you find a bath, that you really love, but it is $500 over the budgeted amount, we don’t believe that it should mean you miss out on that dream bath, we believe that you should be informed about how much you have to spend and then have the choice to pay out that extra $500 if you wish. We do not feel we are able to build your dream home, if we are restricting your ability to have what you would like.

For us as builders, more important that what selections you make, how much they cost, are you providing them on time, and the reason for this is quite simple. Selections are timed to allow for products being out of stock, they are timed to allow for delivery times, they are timed to ensure the right selections will be in the right place for the tradesperson who requires them. Without them being in the right place at the right time, your job will no doubt be delayed. Delays on site, can be costly, to both your hip pocket and also through inconvenience.

Most building contracts will have a clause in them that allows for the payment of an allowance, for each day the job is not delivered on time, this is void if your selections are late. Most tradespeople will charge extra if they are required to attend a job more often than was quoted on, this cost could be passed on to you the client as an extra. Occasionally delays in selections will result in long term out of stocks, and clients are left out of pocket, paying for a more expensive item to keep the job moving.

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  1. Good article Nicole explaining why it’s important to get those selections in place. For us in the commercial field, the specifications were made before tender so that we could quote accordingly on the fixtures selected. The hardest and worst part is when a client changes their mind on what they’ve ordered and we’ve already roughed in to meet those chosen fixtures. So long as they pay the difference in cost, it’s no problem, but it’s the clients that expect no variation if changing their selection!

    1. Thank you Bec, it is amazing how different the commercial field is, even though we all work in the construction industry. ?

  2. […] about your project, to make your selections and get them to your builder as quickly as possible. The earlier the selections are in, the less chance of lengthy delays or problems which only add to your […]

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