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Inclusions have been a hot topic in the office this week, with an influx of clients looking to build brand new homes. Most clients come to us after having been to the bigger builders and not quite finding what they are looking for. Building can be a very confusing process, especially when it isn’t something you have done before. One of the most frustrating parts I found when looking to build my first home prior to meeting my builder hubby, was that I couldn’t have exactly what I wanted with our builder. I had a small range to choose from and it was impossible to do anything different.

Being bespoke builders, we do not have a standard inclusions list, we are big believers in your home being a reflection of your style, not a cookie cutter stamp of what all your neighbours have. I have talked before about PC and PS items and how they impact this process here, and this is the process we use mostly.

When recently reading over some inclusion list from other builders, I was struck by just how different each list was, making it nearly impossible to compare one builder to another. The best advice I can give on this, is to careful read through any documentation that accompanies your quote and highlight any inclusions that are different than another builders. From this point it is essential that you ask questions, as builders we often forget that what we take as a given to be understood, is not always done. It is also very important to ensure that you have a list of you most important inclusions, the things that you just will not compromise on, give this to your builder prior to your quote, and make sure that your builder is happy to work with your requirements.

Remember that building with large project builders is very different to building with bespoke builders, using a smaller builder gives you the opportunity to build a unique home, exactly the way you like.

At Fernbrooke Homes, we have a short brochure to help with the process of comparing quotes, if you would like a copy of this brochure, please feel free to email me on [email protected]

Have you built or renovated before? Can you share you best and worst experiences?

Nicole xxx

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