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Tech Talk-Asbestos Removal

Tech Talk-Asbestos Removal

When you hear the word “Asbestos” you shudder. Conjuring up feelings and images of cancer and death.

Regardless of the fact that this previously sprouted Wonder Product was used extensively throughout Australia, it now presents a huge Red light when it comes to renovating your home.

Removal of Asbestos is common and should not be feared if done professionally. You should use only licensed and qualified people to demolish and remove the product.

Fernbrooke Homes use licensed and qualified asbestos removers when posed with this problem in their renovation works. If you are unsure as to whether your product is asbestos or not, consult an industry professional straight away.


They will come in, diagnose the product, give you a professional quote to demolish and remove the asbestos from your home. Once completed, the professional will issue you with a clearance certificate for the asbestos. This is vital for your peace of mind. If you remove more than 10m2 of asbestos from your home, this is a legal requirement.


If your contractor cannot provide you with a clearance certificate, do not proceed with removal of asbestos by them.

When it comes to Asbestos removal, SAFETY is the only priority.

Do you have asbestos located to your home?

Nicole xxx

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  1. Our old house we did and I would worry about it. Having a new house this time is such a relief. My husband is actually on the asbestos register after some work in his youth. I bet it is a very long register!

    1. Oh that’s a bit scary Karin. I do worry about all the contact Adam has had over the years too. Got my fingers crossed xx

  2. I didn’t know Fernbrooke was licensed to remove asbestos. That will be good to know in the future. We’ve always had modern homes so no asbestos here, but when I was in the tools it was something that worried me.

    1. We have a team of professional that we contract for this purpose Bec. I’m too much of a worrier to let Adam have anything to do with it anymore. It does concern me how much contact he has had with it already. Certainly not worth the gamble.

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