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Styling A Vignette & A Coffee With Kirsten

Styling A Vignette & A Coffee With Kirsten

Last week I was excited to not only attend the Coffee With Kirsten event, but to present my own mini workshop on Styling a Vignette. I had such a great time and met so many gorgeous women, so much fun in fact, be sure to watch this space for similar events early next year. ? I thought it a great opportunity to elaborate on my tips from the day a little in a post, so that no one missed out. Hopefully we can all be styling vignettes in our own homes.

Styling A Vignette

I have dozens of vignettes in my home, they are everywhere. In the bathrooms, bedroom, kids bedrooms, even the laundry. A vignette can be styled on any flat surface and can be as simple of as complex as you prefer. Vignettes are such a simple way to create a visual interest and bring some warmth to your home.

Use An Odd Number Of Items

I recall the first time I heard this rule, I really couldn’t understand it. I love things to be symmetrical, however this was why my attempts at vignette styling were just not cutting it. Vignettes are created to draw the eye, an odd number of items, 3, 5, 7, 9 etc, and the perfect way to start this process. If this is your first vignette, then I suggest you start out with a simple 3 items.


Use A Heavier Item To Ground Your Vignette

A heavier item doesn’t mean physically heavier, it can mean something like a vase, books, magazines, a tray, a lamp, picture frame or artwork, a solid bigger piece to give the vignette a grounded feeling.


Use Shapes and Sizes

Play with the shapes and sizes in your vignette, you want them to vary. Three identical items lined up in a row is rarely appealing, but using different shapes and sizes will keep the eye moving over the vignette until it has taken it all in, creating a more satisfying experience.


Use Colours and Textures

Play with your colours and textures to help layer your vignette. Similar to varying shapes and sizes, this will draw the eye all over the vignette, and create an more satisfying experience. Clashing patterns and textures work really well when kept in a similar colour palette.


Use Pieces You Have At Home

Creating a beautiful home isn’t about ditching the old and starting fresh, it’s about using what you already love at home, putting your favourite pieces on display. It’s amazing how much goodness we already have hidden away at home, that would look fantastic brought together in a vignette. Find those little bits of fabulous you already have at home, and enjoy putting them on show.


Mix Old and New

While not compulsory, there is nothing wrong with mixing antique pieces with newer ones, in fact this is just down right practical! Likewise with expensive or investment pieces and bargain Kmart finds, mix them up for the best results.


If In Doubt, Try A Book Topper

Kylie from DIY-Decorator coined the term “2 Books and a Plonk”. It is such a simple way to get started! Take a couple of books, or even magazines, and top with a “plonk” or a book topper. These look great.


I really encourage you to give creating a vignette a try at home. I would love if you shared on Instagram and used the hashtag #tbwvignette so that I can follow along with your styling efforts.

Last week Bec from The Plumbette and I decided to stop pursuing our weekly link up #HIT. Home improvement Thursdays are still continuing, however we have left the link up off for now. I’d love to hear your thoughts on what you would like to get out of your #HIT experience.

Are you a seasoned vignetter? What is your favourite colour? Got any quirky vignettes at home?

Nicole xxx




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  1. Your workshop at the event was fabulous. Thank you for sharing your tips with us x

  2. Loved the event and especially loved your workshop. I’m relooking at the things I own to create different vignettes around my home. x

  3. I wish I was at the workshop it sounds like so much fun! I also wish I had more flat surfaces to play with, but I reckon even I can pull of two books and a plonk!

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  5. Your tips on how to break down the steps to create a vignette was refreshing, it makes it a lot easier. Loved the event.

  6. I loved your styling workshop. You’re a natural speaker. I also love what you say about just using what you have. I always shop my own home first before I hit the real shops.

  7. I love these but my husband HATES trinkets. SO we are totally minimal and beachy at the moment. I do like it though.

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