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Styling An Entry-Home Improvement Thursday #HIT

Styling An Entry-Home Improvement Thursday #HIT

I love the entry of my home, I also loved the entry of my last home. The entry is the first part of the interior of your home that your visitors will see, therefore it is an important place to make feel warm and welcoming. I’d like to share a few of my tips on how to create a warm welcome.

My Top Tips To Styling An Entry.


Add Colour or a Focus to the Wall.


This can be in the form of wallpaper, or a beautiful colour. We originally had quite light walls in our entry way and it did nothing for creating a warm and welcoming feeling, adding a little depth to the colour totally changed the whole space, contrary to our belief it even made the space look much bigger. Can you see how we also added the same colour to the back wall in the distanct? This means that the overall space has a feeling of connecting, it also draws the eye through the space as you begin to move into the home.

Add a Rug.


Adding a rug will depend on the shape and size of your space. Sometimes a round rug will be your best option, other times a long thin rug like the one we’ve used will work best. This is a great place to add some texture to the entry, we have used a jute rug, not only does it give some texture, it feels great underfoot.

Add Artwork or Mirrors.



This whole process for me is about layering. Giving the eye plenty to see without crowding the space is the trick. Not always an easy balance to find. Adding artwork or mirrors is a great way to draw the eye up the wall, and when you have high ceilings like ours, you want to draw the eye up to take in the whole space. Here we have used an antique mirror and a beautiful tapestry that I inherited from my Step Mother, both have intricate detail.

Add a Console Table.


Again depending on the size of your space, you will use different shapes and sizes to maximise the potential of the space without overcrowding it. If you had a short entry, you could use a small round table or even a plant stand to give the same effect. It’s really all about using your own space well.

Decorate Your Console.

I have spoken before about how to create a vignette, here is the perfect place to do so. Try adding some family photos to give the visitor a real sense of who you are before they come all the way into your space. Here I have used a mix of vintage and new items to reflect the personality of our home.


Add Light.


This does not necessarily need to be in the form of a lamp, candles work just as well. Lighting the space gives it instant warmth. Consider the lighting used also within your existing lights, choose light bulbs that provide warm light not cool light.

Your entry like all other spaces in you home, should reflect who you are. Have a little fun with it, but most of all relax, if something doesn’t work, it can always be changed.

In last weeks #HIT link up, Nikki from nooks and cranny, showed us how to upholster dining room chairs, I adored the fabric her and Luke chose.


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How is your entry looking? Are you a fan of colour or texture on the wall?
Nicole xxx

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  1. I have to say from first hand experience, your entry way is very inviting. I love the darker colour on the walls. Our entry way is bare simply because our little kids love to bump and knock into things. But I do want to get some sort of art for the walls at the entrance.

    1. Thank you Bec. All our home decorating changed once the children were all at school and able to comprehend when told, not to touch etc, until then everything was plain and functional. xx

  2. Thanks Nicole, I loved this post, and learnt a lot! I tend to go for white walls (always) but I’m determined to take your advice and add depth with darker grey’s and black paint and cabinetry throughout this reno. Watch this space ?

    1. YAY! A little colour on the walls does wonders for a space. I am a massive fan of white, however the colour as a highlight can’t be beaten. xx

  3. You are so talented!!
    Um my entry..sad;)

    1. Thank you Erin. I’m sure yours is very welcoming, especially with all your children running out to greet visitors xx

  4. Love the look of your entry. I wish we had one. We enter via our rear straight from deck into living area. The front door is for strangers lol.

    1. We had the same in our last house Deb, we came up through the garage into the office and then the lounge, only strangers used the front door as visitors all came up the back ?

  5. Your home is so gorgeous and elegant I love it. In ours we enter from the front deck into the lounge room or from the side into the kitchen. I’m trying to work out how to change it!

    1. Thank you Vikki. I’m sure your lounge could be very inviting? xx

  6. I love this hallway, we have nearly finished ours, it’s pretty skinny, but maybe a mirror might be the missing piece, thanks for the tip.
    Sorry, I’ve been absent, nearly back on deck properly promise.

    1. Thank you Sarah, mirror do all sorts of good stuff, you can also get really skinny console tables, but again is depends on the size of your space. Love the glimpse into your home this week, it’s nice to have you back xx

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