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Styles of Tile Laying

Styles of Tile Laying

Bathroom month is quickly coming to an end, this week just before we wrap it up, we are looking at the many different ways to lay tiles. Tiles don’t have to be laid in the same straight lined patterned, there are multiple way in which a feature can be created. Let’s have a look at the many styles.

5 Popular Styles of Tile Laying

Straight Course

1000422 182148P Beaumont Tiles_210

Beaumont Tiles

This is the most common way to lay tiles. Straight lines, and super effective in both big and small rooms where you don’t want the tile to be the focus of the room, or when the tile itself is the feature. Simple and uncomplicated this is a great tile laying style to try for DIYers.

Brick Pattern


Our House

Sometimes called Brick Work, this style works particularly well when laying subway tiles or rectangle tiles. Especially lovely on a wall. We have used the brick pattern in our ensuite and our laundry with our ceramic subway tiles. Brick pattern adds texture to a room where too many straight lines wont work.

Basket Weave


I love this decorative way to lay tiles. It looks fantastic in a large room where the floor is the feature. I also think this style works particularly well outdoors, to give a little texture to a space.



House and Garden

Another really common and easy to replicate style, diagonal tile laying is just like straight course laying only on an angle. All the work in laying this style is done in the prep stage when working out you line and marking it out ready for the first tile. Great in large spaces.



A Beautiful Mess

My all time favourite way to lay a feature tile and the way in which we did our shower feature in our ensuite. Herringbone adds so style and texture to a room, and looks equally as fantastic on a floor as on a wall, small spaces or big.

These are only a few of the ways in which tiles can be laid, but most certainly some of the most popular.

Which style is your favourite? How are the tiles laid in your home? Do you have a favourite colour tile?

Nicole xxx


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  1. We need to renovate our house but I can’t see it happening for a while. I like the brick pattern in the kitchen.

    1. I am a big fan of the brick pattern as well. ?

  2. I must be meant to comment on your blog each week Nicole and it is always a delight to see ‘what’s new about housing’ as I am obsessed with eventually getting a house to call our own again!! The tiler who did our flooring in our last house did the diagonal pattern. I am sucker for any pattern as I love order! Denyse #teamIBOT

    1. I love pattern in tiling as well, it creates such texture in a space. Thank you for visiting. xx

  3. I’m a huge fan of the brick pattern too but I love the herringbone too! I’d love a brick pattern in my kitchen…. One day!

    1. Those two are my favourites as well! Both have featured in our ensuite. xx

  4. Wow if I ever have renovating phase I have a lot to learn! I like the old fashioned brick pattern ?

    1. There sure is a lot that is helpful to know. But if ever you come to renovate, a good builder will help you through the process. ?

  5. These are all gorgeous but I absolutely despise diagonal tiles. For some reason it seems really dated to me and totally counter-intuitive. I think with most things keeping it simple is the best way to go.

  6. I am always a fan of the white subway brick and the marble herringbone that you see so much of lately. The hand cut/organic subway tile is a big favourite.

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