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How To Style A Children's Bathroom - The Builder's Wife

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How To Style A Children’s Bathroom

How To Style A Children’s Bathroom

I love the opportunity to freshen our home in the new year, and know so many of my friends are like me. This week I though we could start with somewhere a little different and freshen up the kids bathroom space, which happens to coincide with the blog coming back to our weekly how to style posts. So this week, let’s explore how to style a children’s bathroom.

3 Easy Way To Style A Children’s Bathroom


Arguably the quickest and least expensive way to update and restyle your children’s bathroom is to purchase new towel. Our teenage boys share a bathroom, which desperately needs an update. We have decided to keep the tone quite neutral and all the boys have their own personalities, this will avoid a clash.


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If you have younger kids, why not consider bright towels to make the bathroom a fun place to be in.


Our boys bathroom is really bland, with it’s neutral palate. Adding this piece of art with it’s pop of green, gives the space a little fresh spark.


For a teen girls bathroom, I would love to use an older style artwork like this pears soap picture to help create a romantic, girly room.


I am all for kids having plants, especially in the bathroom. Although we have reasonably limited space in our boys bathroom, the addition of the plant brings so much to the room, I feel it is worth using the bench space for.

With a few easy adds, the boys bathroom has taken on a fresher more exciting appearance, all for under $100. I am not sure the boys will rush to use the bathroom more often, but they certainly are taking more pride in their shared room.




What could you do to update your kids bathroom? Do you have coloured or neutral towels?

Nicole xxx




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  1. I have a little vignette on the vanity in the kids bathroom – something someone taught me at a charity afternoon tea. 😉 But the bath area can be a mess with toys. I have storage which looks great but the girls seem to accumulate more toys in the bath by using toys not necessarily meant for the bath!

  2. My girls get the oldest towels in the house. They ruin every towel with makeup/tanning and I dont know what. About 3 years ago I renovated their bathroom. I did a lot cheaper reno than my master suite , and Im glad I did as this is the most untidy place in the house! Currently house hunting and Im not too concerned if their future bathroom is not renovated! It would wait til they leave home!.

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