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Stuck Down the Rabbit Hole

Stuck Down the Rabbit Hole

About 3 weeks ago, I was walking along the path on my way back home, when quite by surprise, I tripped and fell, straight down a rabbit hole. As I fell spinning through time, I could feel myself losing grip on the reality of my everyday. When finally I landed, I am to realise what a mess I found myself in.


The Christmas holidays, have a way of claiming me, every year. They suck me in with the busyness of the first few weeks, then Christmas and by the time the New Year rolls in, I finally have the opportunity to relax and breathe, but then this year, that relaxing came at a cost. First was the realisation, that our holiday was only a couple of days away, and I had not yet organised or packed for the family, then the rush to head up the coast and try to relax as the next realisation came home, I had 2 children starting high school the week after we returned, and had not yet had time to purchase books, or uniforms.

The holidays was lovely, however the pressure of what was to come, sat heavy on my chest whilst, trying to dampen my spirits. The week that followed, was nothing short of disastrous, spinning dangerously out of control at times, it took most of my resources to climb out of that rabbit hole and get us back on track.

Yesterday, as my son walked out the gate on his way to the first day of high school, I was able to take a breath, today my step daughter will do the same and tomorrow all four of our younger children will be back to school. Our routine will return, and time enough will be found each week to do the things expected of us, but for those three weeks, my life felt like a cartoon, constantly spinning and out of my control.

Please forgive my break, my choice to put the families needs first. I am excited to be back, and hope to bring you many more interesting interviews, and stories this year.

Nicole xxx

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  1. There’s nothing for me to forgive and nothing for you to apologise for, real life and your family must always come first. I hope you get back into your groove soon and that the year is full of all good things. Great to see you back!

    1. Thank you Sammie, you are very kind and forgiving. xx

  2. Sweet, the blog must be put to the side when it comes to family matters. I hope you feel like you get some sort of routine back now the kids are at school. ?

    1. Slowly getting there, the new year brought about many changes, and the routine goes out the window for a while. Step by step we are getting it back. x

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