One of my favourite parts of having this house is the space.


A Corner of Space on the Front Deck

Having a large family, one of our prerequisites was to have a home with space. We had a very large home previous to this, some 700m2, however the space wasn’t used to best suit our family and we often felt cramped. This house, whilst smaller in square metres, feels much, much bigger in usable space. In every room in the original part of the house there is a nook for someone to call their own. The bedroom, library, lounge and dinning all have window seats, and the kitchen has a little space I have converted into my blogging desk.


The Window Seat in the Lounge Room


The Window Seat in the Library

20140918_154916The Window Seat in our Bedroom

There are wide verandas out the front we haven’t even touched yet, and a good sized deck out the back.


The Deck off Our Bedroom

The children each finally have their own rooms, and their own television space. There is simply no excuse for us not to have somewhere to be, out of the way and in our own space. An absolute essential when living in such a big family.

Do you have little nooks of space in or around your home? How do you get away for some time out?

Nicole xx

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